OOTD || Moody Florals

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a yummy Thai restaurant in London called Yum Yum to celebrate my cousin’s birthday! Happy Birthday KoKo!

Loved both the exterior and interior decor of the place; so beautifully put together! Click the post to read more details on my outfit!

I’ve decided to keep my attire for the evening clean and simple; focusing on the beautiful satin pencil skirt that I have recently purchased.

TOP || Primark

NECKLACE  ||  Primark

SKIRT  ||  [River Island]

BOOTS  ||  [Topshop]

Yum Yum, is a Thai place located in Stoke Newington, the precise location and opening times can be found [H E R E]. It was my first time visiting the restaurant and I loved it! The ambience and feel of the place was pretty nice and the food was yummy – I wouldn’t of expected anything less. I just want to add that for all my muslim followers the meat this place serves is HMC approved; as you can see from their suppliers list [H E R E] – oh yeah I do my research.

I’m more of a starter girl so I enjoyed the starters more as they are packed full of flavour! I really enjoyed the spicy hot wings – the sauce was oh so spicy! Delish. For the main course, I ordered the chicken pad thai, which basically contained of rice noodles with bean sprouts, egg, chicken and topped off with crushed peanuts! Sounds good right? and it was, except for my asian tastebuds telling me it was a tad bland, it needed that extra bit of oomph or spice for me to thoroughly be like “this is amazing“; nonetheless,  you do get a lot for your money because I couldn’t finish it whatsoever. 


We finished the meal off with a slice of Charlotte Gateau from Patisserie Valerie; who in my humble opinion have the best cakes ever! This one in particular is so soft and fluffy; and just pure heavenly, fruitful delight!

I hope you enjoyed this post on my outfit-turned-quick-mini-food-review, haha!


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