Welcome to my brand new blog! Let me tell you a little about myself, I previously used to write a blog [he r e], however I wasn’t very committed to it as I would of like to have been. Why? Well to be frank it’s because I wasn’t happy with the layout and editing skills, it looked like a very poorly written blog – hence, I felt demotivated and didn’t write many posts or keep up with it. As a result, I have switched to a new format/layout hoping my blog looks more attractive and appealing to read!

I’m already feeling more positive with this blog and its content, and I’m feeling extremely motivated to keep blogging (although I have to admit, I most probably will re-post about 5 of the other previous posts, just so this blog has more content, shhh) – For me blogging is a sense of relief and escapism, I can talk as much as I want and it’s okay,  haha.

Okay before I ramble too much and go off a tangent, I guess I’ll just sign off here, and say, catch ya later! (on my other social network sites of course – yes it’s a shameless plug, but go ahead and find me on my other sites, I’m pretty fun to talk to, peace out!) xoxo


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