HAUL & First Impressions || Kiko Make Up Milano

After reading many reviews on Kiko make-up products and seeing many MUA use some of their products, I had decided to visit the brand new Regents Street store in London couple of months ago and see what they had to offer – (late review – but hopefully a detailed one)!

I, like many other beauty fanatics out there will happily buy anything that (a) looks pretty, even though we’ve probably got the same shade from various other companies or (b) we’ve already got another product for the same exact purpose.. regardless I still decided to splurge a little and try something new from this brand; and this is what I came back with:


NAIL LACQUER  ||  Grey – £3.90

SMART EYE PENCIL  ||  812 Golden Spring Green – £2.50

Just an FYI, I bought the foundation stick at a discounted price and picked up a darker colour so I could attempt to use it as a contour stick.

Now you have seen what I have bought, click on this post to see swatches, and to read my thoughts and recommendations on the products!!

After using these products for several weeks/ couple of months I feel like now is an appropriate time, if not delayed, to give my opinion on the products mentioned above.

First up, the eyeliner! As you can clearly see the colour swatch matches the colour indicated on the pencil – which is always a good start; but why the product is named “smart eye pencil” I have no idea because I don’t see no smart technology or revolutionary idea in this eyeliner, it is a pretty standard eyeliner and can easily waterline/ tight-line the eyes. To create a smooth easy line, I do believe you need to warm up the pencil just a little before use, simply by rubbing it on your hand. The thing I like about the eyeliners at Kiko is that they have a wide range of colour selections at such an affordable price and I seriously want another Aqua colour and a lilac/ purple colour for the days where I’m feeling a little daring with my make-up, haha

Moving onto the foundation stick – If you were using this stick as a foundation, I would assume it would give you an even, medium-to-full coverage depending on how you apply it. Seeing as I did not use it for this purpose I can’t quite give my full opinions on this matter. However, I did use this to contour my face! I always love a product that has sun protection qualities and this foundation has SPF15, which is a bonus in my eyes, to be honest. I applied this product just below my jawline and blended it in using a beauty blender from cosmopolitan (the pink sponge from Superdrug) – which I think is the best way to blend it in as it gives the overall look a natural finish. For the purpose of contouring I do love this foundation stick and have been using it regularly since I have bought it, and I set it off with some contour powder from Sleek in the medium shade. Every now and then, depending on the lighting or the foundation I use it does tend to give off a orange hue, other than that I’m thoroughly enjoying using this product! In the following pictures you can see how “intense” my contour looks slightly.

Finally, the nail lacquer – for me personally, this was the biggest disappointment. I whole-heartedly wanted to love this product because there was a beautiful colour selection and I had my eye on a few more colours. It’s such a shame, and as beautiful as the colours may be, the durability and quality of these lacquers are poor – these polishes chipped away fast!!!!! It was horrible, and I kept having to maintain the nail colour everyday – which I do not have time to do, as the drying time is terrible also. I thought my problems would resolve once I used my OPI topcoat, but alas they were still chipping away faster than a wood chuck could chuck wood! I really don’t like digging too negatively on a company like this, but I would steer clear of the nail lacquers!

On a side note, I have to admit the eyeshadows did look intensely pigmented and they have gorgeous colours! However since I’m no make-up artist I tend to stay away from messing around with eyeshadows, it’s just not my forte, and I still have the Naked 2 palette which I’ve barely touched – but if you are a make-up artist and you’re looking to build your collection then I suggest you check out the eyeshadows at Kiko.

Anywho, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and hopefully it was informative enough, and In Sha Allah I will have many more hauls/reviews to come! See I’m getting back into the swing of blogging these days 😉 haha

[Disclaimer: All products purchased by moi! and thought’s and opinions are of my own :-P]

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