HAUL || Forever21

So I haven’t been shopping in a long time, hence no hauls! However, one night after work I decided to have a browse online and see what was new. I’ve been so clueless lately with my fashion sense, and I was in need of some style inspiration!

I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything; as I own a lot already; but Forever21 caught my eye because they had a 50% off sale on top of their sale items! #score.


Like I said I own a lot already, so I only buy a few quality pieces that I can already merge into my existing wardrobe rather than spend my money senselessly! I ended up only purchasing three items, all of which I am extremely happy with! Links to products are listed below, so continue reading if you too want to get your hands on them!

The main reason for my mini splurge was the shoes!!!! A sexy pair of heels really is my weakness, and just look at the detailing on this shoe – from the gold stiletto heels to the double wrap ankle strap! I’ve recently worn this pair to a theatre show in London, and oh my goodness, it’s so uncomfortable! I really should’ve stretched and broken into this pair of shoe before I decided to spend a whole evening in London in them, El-Oh-El! At least now I know I won’t be making that same mistake again! Pain aside, they looked beautiful on!

IMG_6777IMG_6776The next purchases I made, didn’t include the extra 50% off. I ended up buying this black cable knit sweater in the size medium, because I wanted a looser fit jumper for the winter season! I mean who doesn’t love an oversize knitwear right? The final product I purchased was a two piece chocker set in gold! Love a good gold accent piece to an outfit, to me it automatically looks sophisticated and expensive! haha

Classic Cable Knit Sweater – Black  ||  £9.90  (£11.5o)

Snake Chain Choker – Gold  ||  £4.90 (£6.00)

Secret Rebel Pumps – Black  ||  £8.49 (£27.90)

All in all, to be honest this is a simple chic outfit all on it’s own; all you need now is nice pair of fitted black jeans! Perfect for a date night out with the girls.

I hope you enjoyed this post! All forms of feedback on my blog/ post is welcome – Hope to catch you on my next post (already drafted, because I’m keen lol). Meanwhile, if you’re missing me too much already, you can catch me on my [instagram]



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