HAUL & First Impressions || Space NK ft GlamGlow

As I sit here typing away, I already have the face masking sitting on my face and working it’s tingly magic all over my skin. I scraped every little last bit that I could from the jar, because this mask does not come cheap!IMG_3623
GlamGlow || Youthmud – 15ml – £25.00
GlamGlow || Youthmud – 30ml – £50.00
When I first stepped foot into Space NK, I went in looking for a chemical peel off mask from REN, instead I walked out with the 15ml GlamGlow Youthmud Mask – which is a tingling and exfoliating face mask – and two other travel size products. Why of all products did I walk out with this item you ask? – simply because I was a gullible little soul which fell into the hype of the sales assistant (fair play to her though, she did an excellent job!) Now, I’m not saying this is a terrible product, because it is far from it, it is quite the opposite, it’s incredible! Continue reading the post to hear the rest of my experience with this product, and the other two items.

After the first application I noticed a difference in my skin, it was much more softer, radiant and fresh. I applied a liberal amount of “mud” onto my face and let it dry and stretch my skin out, whilst rinsing my face I would buff the mask off to exfoliate my skin, which I think helped in giving me a radiant glowing complexion. After using the face mask, I had noticed that my makeup would apply so much better, as the powder products that I used did not sit on my face and streak, as it blended out evenly!  Just for this factor alone I was excited to continue using this mask! I found myself using it regularly (at least two times a week – suggested to use once a week) and it quickly became a staple item in my skincare routine! Definitely a holy grail product!
If I can remember correctly, this little jar gave me at least 10 applications.

However, for the price factor alone I’m not going to re-consider purchasing it (girls on a budget yo!). I’m sure somewhere out there is a much more cheaper alternative which leaves similar if not lasting results; and I am on a mission to find that product! The next item(s) that I am incredibly interested in trying is the Nip + Fab Glyocolic range, I think that looks extremely interesting, and I’m curios to see how well it lives up to its claims, so do keep an eye out for that in the future.

Honestly, if you have the expenses to purchase this then I highly recommend it, as a for a lower budget alternative, well I’m still on a lookout for that. Feel free to drop off your suggestions for a chemical mud mask.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 00.37.53
After drafting up this blogpost, I have since come across an amazing xmas deal on Space NK which I’m so excited about that I had to share it with you all – and I think it’s a must have! I’ve already placed my order and cannot start waiting to use the other two products that come within this gift set – seriously it’s such a steal that you’re saving 47% off the retail price!!
GlamGlow  ||  GlamGlow GiftSexy – £50.00

The set contains
Glamglow Supermud 15g  ||  Glamglow Thirstymud HydratingTreatment 50g  ||  Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment 15g


So nearby the tills I noticed this mini Caudalie  ||  Mini Beauty Elixir – £11.50 – now I’ve seen many many reviews on this product and I liked what I had read – it is a “plant based mist that hydrates and boosts radiance whilst refreshing the skin and tightening pores” <– that one sentence alone sums up the product perfectly and I couldn’t agree any further! It does everything the Mac fix+ does and more!! I love misting my face with this before I apply any makeup and moisturiser as I feel the tightening effects more which I love because the tingly feeling is great in the morning! I definitely have noticed my skin to be a lot more brighter and clearer recently, but I think that’s also thanks to the above product! Throughout the day if I feel my face to be getting dry and tight (which is a lot these days due to the cold weather!) – I will lightly mist my face mid day to refresh it, and it ends up lasting all day without smudging! I find the Mac fix+ smudges my makeup a little if I spray it on top on my makeup – which sucks because then I have to touch it all up again – and a girl just ain’t got time for that!

I have definitely loved using both the YouthMud and Beauty Elixir in conjunction with each other – in combination with each other I have definitely noticed that overall my skin is a lot more smoother and radiant! Plus I haven’t received anymore stress spots which is great considering I have three assignments due before christmas!! Wish me luck? In Sha Allah I’ll do well.

So I purchased Oribe  ||  Dry Texurturising Spray Travel Size – £19.00 because it looked interesting, lately I haven’t felt inspired to style my hair ever since it was cut it short. Why? Because I don’t know what to do with short hair (I miss my long hairrr!!) And this sounded pleasant and easy to use. I must admit I love the care free look but struggle to achieve the bouncy messy look – but this product helped a lot with it. I apply this product usually on second day hair and apply it to my roots and instantly I receive a lift which is great! It sprays out clear – which is awesome on my dark hair – It’s quite pricy, but I prefer this over batiste because it doesn’t leave a powdered look in the hair nor does it leave it feeling sticky; plus I like the smell of it! I think I will definitely invest in this in the future again once I’ve finished using up this handy travel size version.

Overall, I’m really happy with all three purchases and will happily re-purchase all three again. I’ll probably be on the lookout for offers in regards to the GlamGlow products though as the price is a little too high for me to be constantly spending money on buying just one mask at a time – girls trying to save for a car yo 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I highly recommend all of you to invest into the GlamGlow GiftSexy, it’s such a bargain!!! Until the next post, peace out my lovely readers.

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