FOOD || Yalla Yalla

My favourite kind of food aside from Indian, is LEBANESE! and no other restaurant hits the spot like Yalla Yalla does! My mouth is literally salivating from just thinking about the place as I type up this blogpost! Seriously need to hit up central London soon with the bestie and come back here.

IMG_4651IMG_4644I always end up getting the same meal every time I go, and that is the Mixed Grill, which includes a charcoal mixed grill of a chicken skewer, lamb and kofta, with grilled tomato, sumac, parsley and red pepper salad served with vermicelli and basmati rice. It sounds so heavenly, and it really is! The meat is so tender and juicy and packed with so much flavour – I’ve never ever had dry meat here, yet – and I’m never disappointed either.
If I can remember correctly, the drink pictured above is their orange blossom lemonade – or possibly one of their mocktails. Either way it tasted really good! Aside from the food, the interior is adorable and cosy, and the lighting is low and intimate, plus it’s perfect for selfies! haha, Totes makes my skin look glowy – love
To see the full outfit details, click [H E R E] to see my post.

Hope you enjoyed this and hopefully i’ve opened you up to a new restaurant! What’s your favourite lebanese dish/ restaurant? Share it with me – I’m such a foodie!

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