HAUL & First Impressions || Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick

The purchase began when my favourite lipstick ever got discontinued.

So ever since my backup of Revlon – Mauve it Over ran out, I automatically felt naked with out it, and I tried to tell myself that it was okay, there’s other lipsticks in my collection that are also “nude” and need some attention and love – but it just wasn’t the same. For some reason that shade of lipstick for me was my perfect “lips but better” lipstick and matched my complexion beautifully, it gave me a soft subtle plump look, almost nude (but not that oompah loompah kind).
Revlon, mauve it over, has been a lipstick that I have constantly been re-purchasing since I was a youth, and I’m extremely upset that it has been discontinued – like whyyyyyyyyyy? I have since waited patiently hoping that Revlon would rebrand the lipstick or bring out a similar shade, and they haven’t!

Ever since then, my search began to find a high street dupe alternative, and I think I have found one that would suffice and that is…
SOAP AND GLORY  ||  Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lipstick – SuperNude – £9.00

IMG_5249This is a great alternative to Revlon – Mauve it Over, however it does have a slight peach undertone to it.

The breakdown

  • 3–D PLUMP™ PEPTIDE COMPLEX – stimulates collagen production & builds up a three dimensional network to firm, tone and plump the lips’ surface
    I must say I didn’t even know this feature existed in this product, my lips didn’t feel or appear any different – so if you’re purchasing this product because of this feature then I say, NO, don’t do it – I’ve simply purchased it for the colour alone – yes I was desperate
  • Antioxidant ORCHID EXTRACT – to soften and moisturise
    It did feel velvety smooth, and as you can see from the swatches below it was creamy and pigmented, however when you apply it to the lips I feel like the lipstick breaks down and doesn’t hold on or last for long (so it really defeats the purpose of it being an ultra-long lasting lipstick). As a result, I think it would work best in conjunction with a lipliner to hold the colour down for longer.
  • Revitalising VITAMIN E
    As stated above, the lipstick is soft and smooth when applied on, thus I give it a thumbs up for adding vitamins onto my lips – how much it helps the lips, I don’t know, but it’s better than nothing, ay 🙂

IMG_5251Top – Without Flash
Bottom – With Flash
In case anyone is wondering, the nail varnish is – Sally Hansen  ||  So Much Fawn
Top – Without Flash
Bottom – With Flash
Lipstick was applied alone without any primers or lipliners.

As you can see, undoubtedly it is an extremely beautifully mauve-y, pink colour, which makes it a beautiful to-go lipstick for me as I believe these tones do work best for my skin tone – but it is no match for Revlon – Mauve it Over, but I do think it’s time to accept that I won’t get another lipstick from the high street that comes any where near that. As a result, I am happy with this alternative because it’s a great substitute!

Sidenote: please don’t be gullible and purchase this lipstick because of it’s claims, I don’t think this lipstick is long lasting or has any substantial plumping effect – but I do believe it’s soft and moisturising, and ultimately it’s a great colour!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rikzah Zia says:

    OMG it’s such an awesome color I loved it ❤ it looks really good on you 😀

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