EMPTIES || January 2015

Every month or so I will write up a blog post on all the products that I have used up, finished, emptied or am throwing away within that month. But before I throw it in the trash, I thought I’d write a sentence or two on what I thought of the product, and whether I’d repurchase it or recommend it.IMG_5368
In these posts, I will try my best to link the products back, or link similar products if I can’t find it online; hope this helps! So before I ramble on for too long, I’ll get straight into it as I’ve got twelve products to write about!
Kerastase  ||  
Nutritive Lait Vital – 200ml – £16.40
My beautiful chica gave me half a bottle of this nourishing hair conditioner to try out, (because she wanted to try something new out) and I happily accepted to finish the bottle off for her as I was excited to try it out. I’ve heard good things from Kerastase as I’ve read many rave reviews on it. This product in particular claims to quench thirsty hair through all the proteins it contains, helping restore the nutrition deficiencies – leaving the hair nourished and soft/it contains glucose providing optimal nutrition for the hair fibre/ restores moisture and shine/ and contains lipids which shield and protect hair from the drying-out process.
Now my hair wasn’t in any terrible condition prior to when I applied this conditioner on, however it did make my hair feel lightweight and extremely soft without any hair serum being applied to it. I feel like for such an expensive hair conditioner I would’ve been more happier if it smelt more appealing, the smell to me reminded me off a weird herbal/clinical product. Don’t know why. Strange right?
Personally, I feel like there are other conditioners and hair masks out there which do a great job in restoring life back to my hair, and for me this particular product did not wow me nor did it interest me in purchasing the product. So thank you to my love for letting me try this out – unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone because there are cheaper alternatives out there which do a better job plus they smell better, and it’s definitely not worth the price either.

Zara  ||  Black Peony EDT – 30ml
I was pleasantly surprised by this perfume when I smelt it in store so I purchased it, alongside another one. I know this didn’t cost a lot, somewhere around £6-£8? Two-Three sprits of this and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. It lasted well on my skin, and I’m really happy that Zara came out with an affordable perfume range which is great for everyday use. It beats spraying on all my Gucci and Dior that’s for sure! I will continue to purchase all my everyday scents from them; I highly suggest you check them out if you have the chance!

L’oreal Paris  ||  Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation – Gold Linen – 30ml – £10.99

Okay, so I won’t do an in-depth review on this product again because I have already dedicated a rave review post [H E R E]. This is the third bottle that I have used up of this, and to be honest it’s my go to fail-proof foundation. It does not cake up or dry up my face like other foundations do; plus it creates a beautiful glow when used with the matching primer. I know I will be repurchasing this product again once I’ve used up all my other foundations.

Yves Saint Laurent  ||  Touche Eclat Radiant Touch – Shade 1 – 2.5ml – £25.00
I purchased this concealer to act more like a liquid highlighter to illuminate my eyes; and it did a great job at that too! Once again, I’ve done a mini review [H E R E] – so check that post out as to how it worked out for me. Unfortunately I won’t repurchase this product again because I wasn’t too fond of how you have to apply it on, it was too germ-y for my liking and I know dirt and bacteria would be just gathering around the brush tip which would just result in me getting breakouts, and I don’t want that.

Bare Minerals  ||  Buxom Lips – Trixie – 4.45ml – £18.00
A golden pink lustre, gives a brilliant tingly, cooling effect which creates the perfect ‘buxom’ pout-plumping effect! Love the feeling and it feels great, as it creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips with a refreshing tingling sensation. Didn’t realise this before, but it contains Vitamins A and E which help keep lips soft, supple and protected, ensuring you have the smoothest lips ever; and to be honest it actually does keep them soft. The Buxom lip glosses by far are my favourite type of lip glosses ever; that’s a statement and a half I know, I know, but I LOVE it so  much I’ve stopped purchasing from other brands, plus it’s the only kind of glosses that I’ve actually managed to finish using up. They’re not sticky at all nor do they have an unpleasant smell; plus they’re not overly shiny shiny glossy either! – which is what I love. More than anything though, I love the sensational tingly feeling these lip glosses provide and I feel my lips automatically turn into a constant pout when I apply it on, haha.

Models Own  ||  Pink Fizz – 14ml – £5.00
This varnish is part of their glitter collection; and like any other glitter varnish I own, I love it simply for the fact it looks adorable and bling-y without look trashy (that’s if you apply it alright – and yes I have seen glitter varnishes worn in a trashy manner, it just doesn’t do the varnish any justice, like what have you done??). And like all glitter varnishes, it is also a pain in the ass to remove but despite the hard work and effort needed, I love the effect it gives so I will continue to use them. This varnish in particular isn’t the best to be worn as a top coat of glitter, but best worn on its own – doubled or even tripled up! It definitely requires a clear strong top coat, to give the nails a clean, smooth finish.

Models Own Pro  ||  Matt Green – 15ml – £8.00
This product belonged to a friend, and it was a great colour with great opacity and it lasted a long time before it started chipping away. In all honesty, I wouldn’t purchase anything from this range, it doesn’t wow me in particular and there isn’t a huge selection unlike their original style of varnishes. I guess I don’t have a real opinion for this product.

NYC  ||  Long-Wearing Nail Enamel – i108a – 13ml – £2.49
Clearly I’ve had this for a very long time, because it’s part of their old packaging! As a result, I have linked a similar colour. From what I remember I wasn’t too fond of this product because it was such a weak colour you had to apply on several coats before it was opaque enough; plus it would chip away ever so quickly. I’d definitely steer clear from their varnish range. I don’t have much an opinion for this brand, but I am curious to try out one of their eyeliners as I have heard it is extremely dark and applies on well.

O.P.I  ||  RapiDry TopCoat – 15ml – £13.25
I’ve repurchased this topcoat many times, and I will continue to do so. Only downside is that it does dry up ever so quickly itself and turns gloopy quickly so you never end up finish a whole bottle; there’s always some product that goes to waste, however it works so well and quickly I will be a loser and continue to purchase it. I’d rather spend a lot in this particular instance and waste a bit of product than wait around for my nails to dry – I just don’t have the time or patience for it, plus I want my nails to look shiny, and this topcoat gives it the perfect shine!

Tresemme Professionals – Salon Smooth Serum with Argan Oil – 30ml – £4.50
I really enjoyed using this product, this is my second bottle; it really has helped keep my split ends at bay (I mean I haven’t had split ends in over a year!!) This product really helps in protecting my hair; and in smoothing out all the frizz. It definitely kept my hair look soft, shiny and luscious. If you don’t already use a hair serum or you want to grow out your hair, then I definitely recommend you start off with this one. It’s great plus it has added nutrients with argan oil infused into the product. Moreover, because I don’t have split ends it has helped in growing out my hair – I do think my hair has grown extremely long in recent times!

MAC  ||  Fix+ – 30ml – £10.00
This product was gifted to me by cousin, and I absolute loved using it – just like my Caudalie Beauty Elixir I spray it on before I moisturise and after I have completed my makeup (except I spray it before eyeliner and mascara – otherwise I find it tends to smudge my makeup look and make it run)
It is described as an aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Which are all great properties in hydrating the skin, and creating a radiant finish. I find that once I spray it on after my makeup, it looks incredibly dewy, and my face does not look cake-y or powdery at all!
To all my make-up lovers and readers, this is a great solution to have in your make-up kit if you want a dewy, radiant look, and if you want to re-hydrate your skin!

Bourjois  ||  Liner Pinceau 16h Liquid Eyeliner – Black – 2.5ml – £6.99
This eyeliner I have repurchased over and over for many years now, it is my absolute favourite eyeliner ever!! I will continue to purchase this again and again, and it’s a great drugstore product which is readily available to everyone. The reason why I love this product is because of it’s fine brush, and it is a great jet black liquid eyeliner, it doesn’t ash out, dry or flake out at all. The fine precision winged liners that I get with product is unlike any other, and the handle is extremely comfortable whereby I can create a steady line. In all honesty, I can’t fault this product – I’m extremely happy with this eyeliner and it will continue to be a staple product in my makeup collection.

||  Initially, I wanted this post out in January, but due to late nights at work, and early mornings at uni I have been ever so slightly delayed. Don’t worry I’ll have February sorted out earlier and out on time towards the end of the month! :-*  ||

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