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I adore Models Own nail varnishes as they are pretty great and have a beautiful colour selection and a variety in types and textures, there is a shade or varnish to suit at least one person! So inbetween moving around from place to place I had completely forgotten that I had purchased these varnishes; they’re extremely pretty and compliment each other so well that I had to share them with you all!IMG_5472Models Own  ||  Magenta Pearl
Models Own  ||  Silver Fox
Models Own  ||  Utopia

Continue reading to see swatches and my opinions on them!

After reading rave reviews a while back and seeing almost everybody in the bloggesphere own Utopia, I decided to check it out for myself and continued to add it into my basket, take it to the checkout, which eventually came home with me. It’s a nude/ beige nail varnish which is great for work, and beautifully done with just two coats. Unfortunately, the shade just clashed awkwardly against my skin tone so I may just give it away to a friend where it will be lovingly used!

Now anyone who knows me, will know I love a good glitter nail varnish, and Silver Fox is just a crazy perfection that mirrors a mirror ball so well.It shines, and glistens in the light all the time that I love it. I’m like a crazy magpie attracted to all things shiny! Not looking forward to removing it though, it’s going to be tough on the nails. When I applied this varnish on, I applied Utopia on as a base colour first and then applied possibly three coats of this glitter polish on top – it’s worth the effort!

What to say about magenta pearl? It’s great and has a beautiful pearly appearance. Depending on the light it does seem to change colour almost, sometimes ruby looking, I really can’t explain it, but it is lovely. It’s quite daring for me in particular as it’s not a colour I tend to wear on my nails at all.
IMG_5477_2 IMG_5478_2

I tend to opt for Models Own varnishes because they’re long lasting and they rarely chip, it’s been over a week since I’ve had Silver Fox on my nails and it has not chipped at all, which is great!
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  1. Tea says:

    It’s funny because I was drawn to the Utopia colour before I read what you had said about everyone owning it haha. Anyway, I was a follower of your old blogspot and I also follow you here via bloglovin’. I’m truly in love with your blog, and the way you take your photos so I wanted to nominate you for the Creative Blogger Award! I hope that you will consider accepting the award (if you’d like).The rules of the Award are on my blog: http://teayii.blogspot.com/2015/06/ive-been-nominated-for-creative-blogger.html

    Keep up the wonderful work!

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