First Impressions || Current go-to lip combo!

My beautiful friend gifted me this lipgloss recently and was unsure how to wear it, but now that I’ve found the perfect combo for it I haven’t stopped wearing it and figured that I just had to share it with you beauty junkies!IMG_0036IMG_3120
L’OREAL PARIS  ||  Infallible Mega Gloss – 110 ‘I Got The Power’ – £6.99
PRIMARK  ||  Lipliner – the mauve one (there’s no names on it) – £1.00

Check out the post to see swatches of the lip colours and my thoughts on the product, and why I won’t repurchase the gloss as beautiful as it is! D:
Let’s get straight into it! I’m going to start raving about the lip liner because it’s such a beautiful colour which can definitely be worn alone – I wanted to amp up the nude gloss hence the use of the lipliner.
I absolutely adore the colour which is a perfect mauve that goes brilliantly with my skin tone and just all-round amazing considering it was only a quid!! It has a really nice creamy consistency, which after having read the ingredients is because it is waxed based which is quite lovely actually as it glides on really well; totes doesn’t dry up the lips (I’ve heard that these are good dupes to popular MAC lipliners!). Below is a swatch of the liner, the gloss and the two combined.
As for the gloss I’m quite disappointed simply for the fact that it has wayyyy to many chemicals inside the gloss (which I’ve just discovered as I was typing up this post for you) – if you click on the link above for the lipgloss it will direct you to the Boots page listing all the ingredients – and quite frankly i’m disgusted. It’s shocking to see so many synthetic ingredients in the products I use. But then again I’m not surprised because it is L’oreal =/

I’m in no way bashing the company, just simply opening up your eyes and stating what many may un-notice or not consider when purchasing products. I really hope everyone starts considering these aspects when shopping – there’s no need to put so much synthetic and chemically formulated muck on your face.
I’m definitely going to start looking into natural/ vegan products! If you know of any good companies hollarh at me sister! As for the products I currently own I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with them yet, I guess try and use it up for now and not re-purchase anything.

Hope this post was helpful for all you beautiful readers and you now have another aspect to consider when shopping! xoxo
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