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It was my birthday on the 7th November, I’m typically not one to celebrate it much but I did make an excuse to visit certain places because of it 🙂 As a result, I ended up dragging a friend out to The Folly, which is a bar/restaurant, and to watch a theatre product of The WICKED. All in all a very good day well spent. Here’s a quick blurry video of the night, enjoy!

Location: 41 grace church street, London, EC3V 0BT
Nearest Station: Bank

This was my second visit to the Folly and definitely not like my first visit which was quite and quaint. This time around it was a Friday night and increasingly busy, especially by the bar…

and because they were so busy the servers were extremely slow and all in all it took an hour to receive our food! We didn’t mind too much because we were enjoying our Sub Zero cocktails, however we were cautious of the time because the theatre started at 7.30! Which meant when I received my food I had to gobble it up fast and couldn’t enjoy it properly, and anyone who knows me, I eat hella S.L.O.W. – hence why I sound extremely out of breath in the short video clip, haha

For the starter I had crispy squid with wasabi mayonnaise (£6.25) and for the main I had Grilled Salmon with puy lentils and sauce vierge (£12.50) plus two of the Sub Zeros (£4.50 – I think). I didn’t have time for desert because I was in rush but they do have some really nice deserts available!
IMG_3315IMG_3316IMG_0377IMG_0385 IMG_3317The show was amazing!!!!! Emma Hatton who played Elpheba, the Wicked Witch, did an amazing job – her vocals were insane!!! and Definitely put on an amazing show, adding in a bit of witty humour every now and again. The actual storyline was really lovely and definitely portrayed the rest of the characters from Wizard of Oz in a new light, it explained the story really well and flowed nicely. I highly recommend this show to everyone! Even if you don’t like musicals this is definitely one to see, this and Lion King of course! (I think I’m a little biased with this one ;))

I’m going to share with you guys another post from Folly that I has last time, which I’ll link into this post soon, just so you can see what other types off food they do! I highly recommend this place, however come during an off peak time where the atmosphere will be more enjoyable! Hope you lovelies enjoy these type of posts! Oh btw this place isn’t halal unfortunately but they do have other great alternatives! xoxo
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