Product Regrets || Dior Highlighters

 As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

IMG_0625NEVER, I repeat NEVER go on an emotional splurge! YOU WILL REGRET IT
I went on holiday back in January 2014 to Dubai – the most consumerist country in the world! Products and goods everywhere, not to mention Foooood – on my trip there someone had upset me – so I wandered off and went on a crazy splurge and bought tonnes of makeup and Huda Beauty lashes 😉 – I don’t regret buying those!!
IMG_0640IMG_0637 In particular what I regret buying the most is all the makeup, to be specific these highlighters, why you ask?

Well in all fairness they are absolutely beautiful, I mean look at the packaging it’s divine, they look like golden macaroons! However, the glitter within the product is very chunky, and has crazy fallout! Back then I was just a beauty junkie that adored makeup and collected limited edition makeup only, the Dior Xmas 2013 highlighters were limited edition and had completely sold out in England, whilst in Dubai I roamed all over Emirates Mall and their beauty stores asking if they had any in stock, the response was always a flat out no. Just as I was about to give up I went in to my last store and luckily enough they only had one of each colour left!! Like an idiot I thought it was my fate that I’d hit jackpot, but alas, I was a fool – I was sold by all the glitz and glam and bought both. Back then I didn’t even know how to use a highlighter properly and now that I do, I’ve realised I like them fine milled and not at all chunky like this, the glitter is hard to control due to the fallout. (Look at all that glitter sitting on top of the product!)

IMG_0636IMG_0634IMG_0633The glitter in these highlighters are tremendously big hence giving an exaggerated glow, when in reality what I really like is a natural dewy look. I find that these are not highlighters I venture towards, only during festive events and weddings – and in my boring life I don’t really go to that many weddings/events.

The swatches below are compared to a baked fine milled highlighter, with no glitter particles.
LEFT  ||  PRIMARK – Baked Highlighter
MIDDLE  || DIOR – Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder – Perle D’or – 002
RIGHT  ||  DIOR – Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder – Rose D’or – 001

Highlighter Perle D’or – 002 – (the golden one) is the one that suits my skin tone the most and is perfect on yellow based skin tones, whereas Rose D’or – 001 – (the peachier one) looks ever so ashy on myself, much more suited to cooler skin tones.
Just in case you still can’t tell the difference between the highlighters (in the pictures below) I’ve used the Dior Perle D’or 002 on my cheekbones and the Primark baked highlighter on my brow bones – Hopefully you can see what I’m getting at.
IMG_0650IMG_0656IMG_0660Having worn the highlighter all evening I must admit it definitely stays in place all night, it just happens to go everywhere when you apply it, I wanted to share this post with you to highlight (pun intended) the severity of the glitter and wanted you all to be aware before purchasing highlighters from Dior because it may not be to your liking. Even though I don’t like using them/ find it difficult to use – I’m not ready to let go of it, is that weird? I have too much of an emotional attachment too it, and it looks so adorable on my makeup counter – lo and behold just know that I am fully prepped with highlighters for life. I’m sure my confidence will grow to Glamrezy level soon!

p.s. I will have a real-time video up on my Instagram sharing with you exactly what I mean in regards to the glitter. So follow me and keep an eye out for that! (WordPress won’t allow me to upload a mini video).
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