First Impressions || Olivia Palermo x Ciate Lipsticks

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Peace Be Upon You

Okay so I’ve queue jumped my list of blogposts to get this one out to you ASAP so you can grab yourselves one of these lipsticks whilst they are still in store! Considering this is a product I haven’t had for long time and I promised I wouldn’t promote excessive spending, please trust me when I say the quality of these lipsticks are intense, creamy and pigmented and works in one swipe hence they’re amazing and worth having a look at!
IMG_0672IMG_0669 The lucky lipsticks that made it home with me the other day were
Olivia Palermo x Ciate  ||  Satin Kiss Lipstick – Cashmere – £5.99 – 27g
Olivia Palermo x Ciate  ||  Satin Kiss Lipstick – Praline – £5.99 – 27g

Click the post to continue reading my thoughts on the product, swatches and to see some awkward selfies! x

IMG_0663I heard about this new collaboration with Olivia Palermo x Ciate earlier on in the year and was pretty intrigued so I checked it out online and saw some beautiful colours, however, now that I’ve seen and tried them on in person I’m extremely surprised and ecstatic with my recent purchases from TK Maxx – woah before you guys go crazy there are some really good finds in there if you have the time to look around. I personally go there to look for new shoes, handbags, skincare, makeup and even homeware. There’s so many good brands in there too, in terms of makeup I’ve seen YSL, Stila, Elizabeth Arden and even Nars to name a few, so yes you would definitely be surprised by what’s lurking in TK Maxx, so give it a go before you say no!

So it looks like I have a thing for gold packaging haha, my makeup counter is looking extremely glitzy lately and I’m more than happy to add these two lipsticks to the ‘collection’. These lipsticks are in a satin finish giving a full opaque, creamy and moisturising finish to the lips; they don’t have any glitter in them. When I read satin I was expecting them to be a little bit sheer but nope not at all, the swatches below are done in one swiped motion, I promise I did not go back and forth.
TOP  ||  With Flash
BOTTOM  ||  Without Flash
IMG_0676IMG_0678As you can tell they are gorgeous everyday colours! Cashmere is a creamy nude with a hint of peach, and praline is a nutty brown with pink undertones – the perfect nude for my skin tone.

There are two other colours in this collection, Truffle and Velveteen. Truffle is again another beautiful nude lipstick, however I didn’t pick it up because it would be way too light for me, I mean have a look at a Cashmere on me, it’s already made my lips disappear, haha. As for Velveteen it is absolutely gorgeous – A deep maroon lipstick perfect for olive/asian girls. The only reason why I didn’t pick it up is because I already own a similar colour from Chanel plus this one had the finest glitter in the lipstick, which I’m not a fan off, a tiny percentage of me regrets not picking up Velveteen because it honestly is gorgeous, but I’m sure I’ll get over it!

Now prepare yourself for some awkward selfies!
TOP  ||  Wearing Cashmere only
MIDDLE  ||  Wearing Cashmere with a brown lipliner (would also wear it with pink liners too)
BOTTOM  ||  Wearing Praline only
IMG_0681IMG_0699IMG_0713I really do hope you have enjoyed this post, to grab a lipy for yourself you could go [here] to purchase the lipstick for £19.00 or head to your nearest TK Maxx to find the bargain of the week priced at £5.99!

Much love to all my readers and new followers – stay blessed and feel free to follow me on my other social media avenues below xoxo

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