ADVICE || Leaving 2015 to Say Welcome to 2016

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

As i write this letter to you, just note that this is as much of a guidance and reminder to me, as it is to you. I’m sharing this with you to help you kickstart 2016 and set out some goals so they can be achieved.

In 2016, you have got:

365 days, 365 chances

So make it count and make it meaningful, grab a journal and per page write down one thing you have accomplished within that day, and one thing you have been grateful for or even inspired by. Don’t let your days go idly by. Be productive, find inspiration and be grateful for all that you have and all that you don’t have. Appreciation for even the smallest of gestures will make the whole world a difference to your inner self and even someone else. Make changes not only for yourself, but perhaps for others too.
You don’t have to share your goals and objectives to the world, just work on them and accomplish them. Show them, don’t tell them.

One of my many aims this year is not be a consumerist slave to the economy, but more so to give back. Give back to those who are in need, even if it is just through donations.


Be Organised and Prepared:

mentally, spiritually and financially. Stay focused, planned and prepared, not only for this life but the hereafter.

okay, I manage my life through diaries!  I need to physically see what I’m doing and how I am doing. I have several diaries for different categories, listed below. You don’t need to use a diary, perhaps a journal or even several notebooks, or you could just merge it into one diary. But I like to visually see a clean and neat page/diary each organised accordingly as I don’t like to see it looking crazy and overworked.

  1. I have one diary for work: with all my work shifts and meetings, that way I can physically see how much I’m working and earning
  2. I have one diary for university: I write down all my deadline, lessons, meetings and other functions that I need to attend. I like to separate my work and university diary it makes it a lot more clearer for me to understand and grasp.
  3. The most important diary, which I highly recommend everyone has, the financial diary! – Now in this diary you write down all your daily expenditures inserting all receipts where I can. In every page per day I will write down how much I spent and on what. Who I have leant money to and why. It’s very important to stick to this if you want to be clever and smart with your money. You will also be disgusted as to how much money you spend per week/ month when you evaluate the diary. I’ve only recently started this and I was definitely shocked to physically see much money I have “wasted”. I’ll write a separate post on this because I think it would be beneficial to all reading.

I purchase my diaries from either Paperchase or TK Maxx because they have some really cute designs there.

So priorities are first: university and work to sustain yourself
Once you know how much of your time and money is being spent, you can plan your spare time effectively to make the most out of your day and continue achieving your goals.92f10c75a7a9f21ab0c69521864a5181

2016 is all about YOU:

Whether you’re single or in a relationship I highly suggest that you make 2016 all about YOU.

Not in a selfish way at all but use this year to do YOU. work on YOU. take care of YOU. be financially independent for YOU. work hard for YOU. be successful for YOU. be fit for YOU. be sexy for YOU. be everything for YOU.
Use this year to identify who you are so when people don’t serve up to the plate and your expectations you aren’t disappointed. why? Because you are 100% successful and comfortable with who you are that you don’t need to rely on someone else’s happiness to make you happy. If other people join your life through a relationship or friendship let them add to your life not subtract. What does that mean, you say? Don’t let them eat off of you, be abusive to you (physically and emotionally), and just plain simply scrounge off of you or even demotivate you.

If you know yourself in and out, you won’t even let people of that nature to get near you and you wouldn’t be upset to see them leave. It’s okay to leave people behind especially if they’re bringing negativity to you.

the secret of change is to focus all your energy on building the new
and life will only be good to you, if you make it good

so with that said, I wish you all a Happy New Year, xoxo 

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