First Impressions || Dior – Addict Ultra Gloss Flash

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Okay before I get started, can I get three cheers for finally owning the domain name on my blog?! It’s official, this blog is now:

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!

Okay excitement aside, lets get on with the post 🙂
IMG_2709IMG_2704I know! I know! All the rage on lips is currently on overdrawn matte lipliners but I seem to find myself gravitating more towards the glosses I own these days than the lipliners. I need my lips to feel hydrated!

This particular gloss that I want to share with you was an impulse purchase from a very very long time ago, I’ve only just had the nerve to pop open the pretty gift-wrapped packaging and indulge in this gloss.

DIOR  ||  Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash – 557 – £22.50 – 6.3ml

This colour is beyond beautiful – a macaroon pink with lilac iridescence glitters with blue undertones. By the way, I can’t seem to find this colour anywhere the closest I believe you’ll get is shade 553.
IMG_2733This lipgloss gives my lips life, makes them look ultra glossy and big. The only downfall with this lipgloss is the wand, I’m not a fan of the brush applicator – I find it extremely annoying when the bristles of the wand get pushed in awkwardly so it forever stays in its awkward position, there’s no way to fix that one strand of bristle. I personally would have preferred a doe-foot applicator to apply it on easily.

As you can see for yourself the colour is gorgeous and doesn’t look horrendous or barbie like against my skin tone which is a win win in my eyes. It’s a great everyday colour which I can pair easily with many of my lipsticks. What really would have made this lipgloss a eight out a ten was if it had some form of tingling properties which would’ve assisted with the natural buxom shapes of the lips, for example beeswax or some form of menthol. I love that cold refreshing feeling on lips, I find it’s a great stimulator in bring blood to the lips, helping bring in the natural lip colour and fullness, creating that luscious juicy look.
In terms of colour this is a great choice which suits me well and I think it’s fair to say this as a great indulgent purchase, not one that I regret at all. The consistency of it is great! It’s slick, your lips don’t stick together, they don’t dry awkwardly nor does it rub off. The lasting time is very good for a lipgloss, only found myself reapplying after food (as you do).

All in all, I’m a happy bunny with this high end lipgloss.

P.S. Don’t you just love these tulips?! They some up the gloss so well!

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