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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

My journey to Bangladesh started on 31st January, when I picked up a Biman Bangladesh boarding ticket and took a traitorous plane journey into a smog filled environment. The humidity was beyond weird and sticky, I really didn’t enjoy my time there. After being absence for 12 years I had a lot of hopes for Bangladesh, to an extent I was disappointed.

Everyone’s reasoning to go back to their motherland is different, unique and personal, we all go for our own reasons. On this occasion, I went to go visit family members, meet my half-brother for the first time and partake in a shini ‘offering’ as it was my great granddaddy’s death anniversary. He’s quite a big deal in our village, a very respected member of the community hence his grave is all done up and fancy.

Initially I had such a hard time getting used to the environment and the people, it was so different, definitely a culture shock and a good reminder of reality, going back to the motherland and seeing how everyone lives really makes you appreciate your life. Simple things like tissue, basic hygiene and cleanliness and  access from clean water were missing from everyday life. 12 years on I feel as though no major improvements have been made. It really makes me want to work so much harder so I can give back to the community myself and provide for them.

What I envied the most whilst I was out there was the simplicity of life, the carefree attitude people have. At times I was at a lost, I didn’t understand what people did throughout the day, there’s no TV in some households or even entertainment. People just communicated with each other, stories were told and lots of chai was drunk. It was nice and refreshing to be away from the modern stress of today, work and technology.

Anyways I could talk forever about my journey back home but I shall definitely be leaving it here. Enjoy the video and pictures! (subscribe and follow) xo

IMG_1052IMG_1119IMG_1111IMG_1080IMG_1116IMG_1139IMG_1163IMG_1177IMG_4113IMG_1212IMG_1254IMG_1261Staring out into the real life concrete jungle// the three musketeers: travelled with my cousin and brother// a villager working the paddy fields// my dads oldest sister and my brother, can you see how short my family members are!// the graveyard// paddy ‘rice’ fields// the big cockerel// the cow: so strange being so close to farmyard animals on a daily basis// burning sun: on this evening the sun was bright orange and in flames, very beautiful in person// rickshaw: bless the guy, he had to haul my fat ass down town// one of many brick kilns// drinking chai at Rumel’s engagement// street vendors: fuska is the one! aka pani puri or gol gappay.

Bangladesh is known for eating curry and rice, and no-one could of prepared me for all the rice and curry I ate whilst out there. It sounds silly but I genuinely forgot people are prepared to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner – safe to say I stopped eating rice and curry after the second day, I couldn’t take anymore of it, I love having a variety. None the less, I was happy to have visited everyone after such a long time. I can easily say I’m not in a rush to head back anytime soon.
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