Follow Me To || Bangladesh (Part Two)

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

My journey to Bangladesh has been extremely emotional, a person awakening if anything. It’s been hard to express in my videos as I didn’t want to come across as nagging or continuously negative. I wasn’t able to vlog all the good bits and lovely moments, as I expressed that I didn’t want to share too much of my family, ALSO, I had a difficult time charging my camera battery! Priorities were trying to get my phone to charge more. I didn’t travel anywhere ‘touristy’ this year as my main priorities were to see my family. My short visit went quicker than anticipated.

Overall, my visit to Bangladesh has opened up eyes to all that still needs to doing, I’ve never felt so motivated to want to help so many people in my life. I guess, it’s time to get to work so I can do something…
Enjoy watching the video and this picture heavy post!

IMG_4211IMG_1372IMG_1377IMG_1397IMG_4262IMG_1429IMG_1457IMG_1458IMG_1561IMG_1602IMG_1690IMG_1709Tin house Roofs: love the sound of rain and thunder against these roofs //  Coconut Tree // The light at the end of the jungle // Blurred Views: To an unknown destination // The locals at the Masjid // Maternal Grandad’s plaque placed in front of our graveyard plot // Caught Vlogging // The lands of Grand Sultan Hotel // Freshie picture // In Bloom // Grandma in her element: the gardens, looking at what’s growing  // Looking out from within the Shah Jalal // Fuska!!!!! ❤ Loved this stuff (similar to gol guppy/ pani puri)

No one has ever become poor from giving, so don’t hesitate to give what you can xoxo
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