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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

My travels to Amsterdam started well before the sun came out, with an early morning flight from London Gatwick airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, hence the make up free – no sleep puffy face picture below.

So Amsterdam is infamous for their weed and their red light district, neither of which I wanted to go for. I was totally up to do all the touristy things and check out their culture but this 3night 4day trip was ruined due to the snow and the rain!! It was quite disappointing to say the least. However the company I was with made it all the worth while and was such good fun to check things out.

Aside from all the touristy things, I highly recommend you try out their chunky chips and waffles! (God, I’m such a foodie, lol!)

If you’re planning on visiting Amsterdam and you wish to do all the touristy things, then I highly recommend you purchase the “I Amsterdam City Card” – more information [H E R E]. It sounds like a lot of money initially but trust me you get bang for your buck! Your GVB transport and entry to all the museums are included plus a free canal ride and discount on  many other things. So i’ll defo be purchasing that card the next time I visit. Fingers crossed the weather stays put and isn’t wet or cold!

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