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 As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

B A N A N A T R E E  ||  103 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0UG

Popped into London to go look for wedding outfits with Jaffer (she’s such a cutie!), and a long day spent shopping means a heavy meal is on the cards, haha. We ended up in soho at Banana Tree and ordered the following:

Sticky Thai Wings  ||  fried chicken wings tossed in tamarind, garlic, sweet basil and chilli sauce
The Banana Laksa  ||  rice noodles, coconut broth with aubergine, tofu and break sprouts, with the addition of prawns and tons of chilli and lime (which was very much needed for my palate)
&& a Virgin Pina Colada Mocktail to finish off the meal

The food was good. I really enjoyed the broth in the laksa and really could’ve been content with just the soup without all the noodles and other bits and bobs. If you ever go, I really recommend this dish with the addition of chilli and lime – trust me, it’s needed and tastes lovely with it.

I love it when wings are fried first and then marinated in sauce. The coating on these sticky wings were lovely and very flavoursome, the only downfall is that the actual chicken was too dry. I feel as though they’ve pre-fried it a little too much causing them to dry out.

After the heavy meal and starter we didn’t have time or the space to have dessert, which is such a shame because the “banana frotiteroles” did sound lovely. Next time I’d definitely just opt for the laksa soup, keep it light plus dessert!
IMG_3159IMG_5472IMG_3166IMG_3193IMG_3194Quick OOTD

JEANS  ||  Tu (aka Sainsburys)
SHOES  ||  James Jasper

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