Product Regrets | Balmain, Veet, Tweezerman, Urban Decay

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I need to share with y’all some things you should never be fooled into! Believe me sisters, the following products I mention were a complete and utter disappointment, rubbish or just plain useless.IMG_2967BALMAIN PARIS  ||  Ivoire Eau de Parfum – 30ml – £16.99

Okay first up you’d think with such a youthful brand this would be a fun, sexy or seductive scent; it’s anything but! It’s a very old, grown up smell, the kind that belongs on elderly ladies. If you like that Avon Far Away scent or Christian Dior Poison then this is in your category of perfumes, just the kind my mother would appreciate, hence I’ll be ‘gifting’ it to her.IMG_2970Okay okay, I’m asian, we have thick strong black hair and that means I have a very prominent and visible upper lip! I’m tried a lot of things to tame that lip (aside from laser) and the following two products are epic fails!!

VEET  ||  High Precision Facial Wax
The wax on this thing is just bad, and when applied on the upper lips it just doesn’t work, the consistency is very gel like an doesn’t hold onto the hairs. I honestly have nothing more to share. It just doesn’t work.

TWEEZERMAN  ||  Facial Hair Remover – £20.00
Honestly the biggest waste of money and I want to cry, I’m so disappointed with this product because I had high hopes for it, seeing as it’s tweezerman and all. It’s a gimmicky item, which does try its hardest to work but it just doesn’t. You’re supposed to hold the pink handles and rotate them inwards, I just find my knuckles bash in together and I find that it doesn’t grab everything so tweezing is required or I have to wait for it to grow and use wax strips. It defeats the purpose of what it’s supposed to be and twice the work required. Not impressed, especially because it was a blooming £20.00!!!!

Okay before anyone judges me, I found these two in the deepest darkest corner of a random box which only resurfaced during a move, and from what I remember,  I didn’t like them.

Urban Decay  ||  Eyeshadow Primer Potion – 10ml
Urban Decay  ||  Lip Primer Potion – 2g
The following primers are items I wouldn’t recommend. At the time of when I purchased this, I was just discovering makeup and in all honesty I wasn’t loving it, the primer colour was just off against my skin tone, and to me it felt like such an unnecessary step to complete. However, I won’t lie, for those major glam moments a primer is a must, but I feel like any nude base cream eyeshadow will do the job and apply the shadow on for longer, no need to dig deep into your pockets to fork out for this little item.

The lip primer in particular is just an utter waste of money because a little bit of lip creme or lip liner to stop the bleeding will do the job well, as great of an idea as it is, I don’t think you need this in your makeup kits girls. I remember it being very thick on my lips and leaving a tack. The best thing to do to your lips is exfoliate them! Don’t bother with this primer, doesn’t make sense to fill your lines with this. To get the perfect colour to stay on all you need to do is Exfoliate > Line > Apply, you can easily get away with priming your lips, trust me.

I hope you enjoy! Until the next post x
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