SUNDAY STORIES || New Story – Same old me…

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Hey guys, I wanted to share another “letter” from me. I think I’m going to do these reflective writings every Sunday, so bookmark this blog and get comfy.
Lately I’ve not been feeling myself, or doing anything for myself. Too busy working and living for others.

I’ve always been that friend to say “ALWAYS DO YOU” yet I don’t do me for myself. I don’t do anything for me or look out for me, or push myself as much as I push the next person to achieve better and want better for themselves. I’ve always been that pillar to that friend to always make them dependant on themselves and become that independent lady or lad. To always show my friends that they need to love themselves first before they can love others. They need to be there for themselves before helping others.

I firmly believe that you can’t do anything for others until you’re 100% there for yourself. I don’t agree with depending on others for anything. I’m a firm believer of earning everything for yourself. The satisfaction of accomplishing something for yourself is amazing, and not something that can be bought or earned by anyone just handing you a silver spoon.

I always have said that you need to create your own stability and over the last couple of months I got too “comfortable” and now I’m stuck in a rut! A rut that’s made me feel very uninspired with everything and life, to a point where I almost wanted to give up everything. Feeling stuck can be very disheartening, if not quite depressing.

However, I’m forcing myself to come out of that phase. I’ve written down all the things I enjoyed and reflected back on myself to see what were my happiest moments and what was the peak of my life (to-date) that I was enjoying. I have to admit, that enjoyment came over two years ago, and somehow in that moment since I’ve lost myself.

Living life and adulthood can really bring you down because of all the responsibilities involved. I’ve been so focused on trying to work hard and save up that I’m literally forgetting to live life and enjoy the moments. Especially with my family and friends. I became too preoccupied with work and became a hermit who lived at home and did nothing but stay there.

To be fair though, I am still a student. Working full time and balancing Uni can be tricky at the best of times. I’m learning to appreciate that I can’t expect too much from myself and everything will come in time.

I’m on a new journey now, a different mindset and wave length. One that involves the old me that lived life to the fullest and took adventures, took up new opportunities and just lived life for what Allah had to offer.
I welcome you to my journey and to follow me through these highs and lows. So stay tuned, follow and subscribe.

Let’s welcome back the old me, the fun me, the me that had a high self-esteem and was confident and brave to do anything.
Talk to yourself like you would to someone you loved
Heads up. It’s my birthday month next month: November! and I plan to post every single week. Fingers crossed I can do this and I hope to share some fun things with you also.

Until my next post, xoxo
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