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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Lithuania || D A Y T W O
Sunday 06th November, 2016

Recap with Day One [H E R E]

After a really cosy sleep, we started the day with a road trip to Anyksciai to go on this picturesque hike up the treetops which led me to a fantastic view of the landscape. It was really empty and quiet, quite perfect to be honest. The air was cold and crisp, I felt the need to preserve it and whisper throughout. It was honestly amazing and indescribable. The snow really added to the magical moment and worth going to especially for the view. If you’re a lover of nature and simple views then you will feel at peace here. I’m going to just stop rambling and let you enjoy the video and admire the pictures.

After the walk we went to Cosmos, to experience a trippy art installation! It was super fun to experience and worth the snapshots. When we went there wasn’t a queue and we were able to enter this glass room which took you into outer space. The lights dimmed, the eerie music on and the galactic atmosphere began. It really was a trippy experience and loved every minute off it.

The night ended with PIZZAAA, a girls night in, jacuzzi, and some lovely herbal tea.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for Day three and my Iceland Trip! Until my next post, xoxoInstagram  ||  Twitter  ||  Tumblr  || Youtube

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