Thursday Thoughts || Death, are we ready?

There’s been a recent death in the family, and it has shaken me more than ever. It is another reminder from our creator that this world is temporary. It’s not ours. What have we done to please the Lord. What have I done?
I’m not going to lie, my relationship with my Lord hasn’t been easy and it’s probably been very weak and right now it’s the weakest I’ve ever let it get to. Sometimes I look outwardly on my life stuck in a cardboard box to motionless to do anything. It’s a frightening and numbing feeling.

Where you can see all your actions yet you’re frozen and can’t do anything to change those actions. I’ve let my life go down this path. This was the most sudden if not hardest wake up I’ve dealt with.

I’m not the kind of person who knows how to deal with death, I’ve not dealt with it before. I don’t know what to do and how to act. I don’t even know how to be there for people in this time of need. I just feel motionless and frozen, like a passerby just looking on out through the window, standing, staring, not moving, not doing anything.

We should never wait for a situation like this to be our wake up call. We need to find our Lord and have him in our hearts. Remember him. Thank him. Repent to him. Ask for forgiveness and mercy. If there’s ever a time in my life that I needed the Lord, it would be now. I’ve never feared life so much before, and death. It’s a horrible feeling that’s got me thinking into the late nights that’s for sure.

Going to finish this post with a quick story, not 100% sure if it’s true as it’s one of them viral stories- but definitely something to think about nonetheless:

“This is a true incident, shared originally by Imran Shahid who also provided the translation One of the graveyards in Saudi Arabia was closed for 30 years. It was eventually decided to purge it to the ground level. Government gave permission to do so and found a company to execute the desired task. The company commenced the operations. During the work, they found/experienced nothing except rotten bones and odour around the area. Whilst shovelling, the workers felt amazing fragrance which was emanating from one of the graves instead of rotten smell. The staff members relayed this incident to the company and Company then communicated this with the relevant authorities. The work was stopped until further notice. When all authorities gathered together, the work was resumed and, whilst digging, they experienced the soil was very soft and filled with musk fragrance. Thereafter, they found a dead body in there, the shroud of it was exactly the same as it was put in the grave years ago. Upon investigation this further through the records, they found out that the dead body was buried almost 30 years ago. Anyhow the dead body was taken out, the face of it was as fresh and radiant as if the person would have died just now. The people from his village recognised the dead body and told people who’s son he was. The person (father) was too old to walk to the Cemetery and hence for this reason the dead body was taken to his house. Father was shown the face of his son and he expressed his gratitude to Allaah SWT and said the funeral was taken from this house thirty years ago and O Allaah this has now been returned to this house after thirty years in the same condition. All praises due to you O’ Allah that I was shown my son’s face again. He kept weeping, the sight got everyone around shedding tears too. Upon father’s approval, the body was buried in another Cemetery Father was then asked that what did your son use to do. What were his deeds? Father answered, my son used to love Allaah so much that he used to pray in the first row in the mosque always. There was not a single morning when I went to wake him up for Fajjar and he was not up already. He used to often go to the mosque even before the Azhan. He never left any prayers and hence he did not have to make up for the missing prayers. And I do not know more than this that he would have been doing. Allaah says in Quran that He Loves those who Love Him. And Allah showed it through this incident that O’ Son Of Adam I accepted your love and did not let the insects to even touch your shroud. A lot of us pray but only a few OFFER prayers, and prepare themselves for it We all love Allaah SWT but a few of us show their love through their actions.”

Don’t let it ever be too late xoxo

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