Empties || Perfume Edition

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I’ve not been obsessed with perfumes as much as I have been as when I was younger. I’ve realised I really like sweet, fresh and floral scents – nothing too heavy either.
I’ve made it a mission to clear out my perfume stash before I really invest in some other lovely pieces. I’ve been collecting these empty bottles to share with you before I dispose of them – and ta-da here they are:

1 – GUCCI  ||  Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia
I love Gucci perfumes, I feel as though they know exactly how to curate them. This perfume reminds me of summer! A beautiful flirty floral scent, definitely smells like gardenia’s! As this really is heavy on the floral notes I would repurchase the Gracious Tuberose perfume from the same range as it’s much more crisper, cleaner and fresher scent. The floral notes aren’t as heavy as this one!

2 – ZARA  ||  Sugar Rose
A light musky fragrance. I like to pick up these cheaper perfumes for my work/uni bag where I don’t mind if the bottle gets tossed about and I can sprits as much as I want on the go! A really lovely go to spritz for everyday use!

3 – JUICY COUTURE  || Juicy Couture pour Femme
This was one of my first “high end” perfumes I remember splurging in. I was on a trip in New York, went to the flagship store on Madisons Fifth Avenue and purchased this perfume in a gift box set. At 16 years old, this was a very grown up scent for me.
It was a slightly deep floral scent with sweet warm vanilla undertones. I remember at the time I loved it! However, when I got back to the UK, many months later the scent wasn’t quite the same anymore so I struggled to use it over the years. I think I prefer their viva la juicy version as it’s a great young, fun, sweet scent!

4 – VICTORIA SECRETS  ||  Pure Seduction
I discovered VS on the same New York trip as above and fell in love. However these items were purchased as soon as the Bond Street flagship store opened in London, hence the super old packaging! Their body mists are absolutely perfect for when you get out the shower (I don’t like to spray directly on my skin, but once clothed). This particular scent is extremely popular and is veryyyy sweet and light “Red plum and freesia”. If you like super sweet scents just go check this out (most their mists are always on offer!)

5 – GUCCI  ||  Gucci Guilty
Mmmmmmm *insert drool face*. A deep floral scent. Would definitely repurchase. A great one for the evenings and outings.

6 – VICTORIA SECRETS  ||  Heavenly
This is a slightly muskier tone with sweet vanilla undertones. Again a quick body mist. Really great for the work/ uni handbag! Not one I’d personally repurchase, only because I feel as though this scent fades ever so quickly, it’s not as long lasting as I would’ve hoped.

Scents are super hard to express in words, so hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post. I would highly recommend checking out Gucci perfumes for special occasions and the VS body mists for everyday quick uses! xoxoInstagram  ||  Twitter  ||  Tumblr  || Youtube

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