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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

S H A K E S H A C K  ||  80 New Oxford Street, London, England, WC1A 1HB

Before I start, I want to apologise for the poor quality images, I lent my camera and didn’t get it back in time, so snapchat quality it is. This is possibly one of the quickest blogpost turnarounds I’ve presented you with all, haha – So yesterday me and Jaffery caught up over some Chick’n Shack burgers from the one and only Shake Shack! All the branches in the UK serve halal chicken only, everything else from their main food menu is off limits which is disappointing – hope they can sort this out soon as I’d love to try out their other burgers. I definitely had an appetite for this place despite eating at Vapiano’s earlier in the day and that’s because I hadn’t eaten for approx 14 hours prior due to a blood test, so trust me when I say I was hungry nonstop throughout the day, haha.

When we got there we ordered:

  • Chick’n Shack burger // Crispy chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo (added on extra cheese)
  • Cheese Fries // topped with their special blend of cheddar and American cheese sauce
  • Strawberry and mint lemonade

Now this burger is lovely, the crispy coating is seasoned well and is covers the chicken well. I really enjoyed the touch of the pickles and sauce, although in my opinion I feel as though there wasn’t enough of that buttermilk herb mayo for me to truly grasp the flavour (as evident in the pictures). Nonetheless, it was honestly a really nice burger, nothing to fantastic to wow me though, it kind of reminded me a KFC burger.

The cheese fries are a decent portion, at first I wasn’t too sure what I thought of it and didn’t think I liked it, but the more I dipped it in ketchup the more I enjoyed it. It’s got a slight crispy crunch too it with a super soft centred pillowy potato fluff in the middle. Although I did enjoy the crinkle cut chips and I personally wasn’t extremely fussed by them I can imagine how some people may be disappointed due to the lack of cheese sauce offered with chips, as you can see from the images below it looks like a small measly pumps worth.

At the time of visiting, they were offering a new strawberry and mint lemonade and it seemed like the perfect beverage to enjoy on a hot day to swim down those chips and burgers but boy was I wrong. You can hardly taste the mint and it tasted SUPER syrupy and full of sugar – making the overall eating experience quite sickly. I highly recommend staying away from this drink. If this lemonade is anything to go by, I’d probably stay away from all lemonades. Next time I’ll stick with my safe drink, H2O – water.

The hype surrounding this place is too much, the interior is lovely, the food is great but it didn’t live up to my expectations – at the end of the day we need to remember this is just another upmarket KFC fast food chain.

Don’t get me wrong, this place is definitely worth a try and visit. Go on! Get rid of those burger cravings. Come here and give it an honest go, you definitely won’t be disappointed but you won’t be amazed either.  Try not to go with any expectations and just enjoy the place, the company you’re with and the humble burger and chips.

I hope this mini review was somewhat helpful, feedback is always welcomed – as I’m on the hunt for trying out new places and eager to share my experiences with you all.
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