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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

This is a super late upload but one that I’ve been meaning to share with you all for such a long time. Last November, during my birthday month I’ve been lucky enough to visit both Lithuania and Iceland.

Now my trip to Iceland started off very rocky, one to be shared in a separate post, but after the airport struggles, I decided to keep positive and enjoy the rest of this girlie trip. We stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days and throughout our time there the weather was poor so we never got a chance to see the northern lights, however what we did get to see was the Supermoon up super close and bright.

After a challenging start at the airports, both Gatwick and at Reykjavik, we left the airport facing the sharp cold wind and went to pick up our rental car – a beautiful 7 seater that had hosted 6 girls and their luggages – our journey to the hotel was interesting to say the least – the best feature about our car was the Huwaei device we had which was a wifi dongle allowing us girls to have internet access with us on the go (bloody life-saver), the best investment made. We opted to rent a car so we can take ourselves around the city and travel to the sight-seeing landscapes at our leisurely pace. We researched a bunch of tours and knew what we wanted to see, although we missed some due to time constraints. It’s crazy how quick time flies.

Now Day One – First thing on our agenda was food and we wanted to try out the pizzas at ‘Shake and Pizza’ (not halal, opted for vege options) however the waiting time was insane for this place, so we reserved our slot and went looking for some snacks for our car trip the following day and ended in Haukaup, one of their supermarkets. What was overwhelming was understanding the currency, we just experienced Brexit and the currency rate and conversion was all over the place making it appear that everything was super duper expensive and confusing to adjust too as the pound was fluctuating quite a bit.

Once we bought our snacks, we went back to the restaurant, ordered our pizzas and tucked right in – we ordered a classic margarita and ‘the green eater’ which was garlic, cherry tomatoes, olives and basil, containing their special pizza sauce and cheese mix . We also ordered a large portion of fries to share, which came with their house sauce and that was LOVELY – definitely worth trying. What I do need to advise is that the cheese is crazy strong, thick and chewy. Sounds like everything you’d want in a pizza right? Wrong! It was way too much and got very sickly very easily. I highly recommend sharing a pizza between two. Despite the cheese overload, the one I really enjoyed was the green eater and was full of flavour and seasoned really well. Which is great considering my asian taste buds tend to write-off a lot of food.

Afterwards we went for a quick drive around town to see whats what and whats where. We walked around for a little bit, grabbed some sorbet from an ice-cream parlour and stopped by the pier to check out the ships. On our drive back, glistening like the sea at night we noticed a building called Harpa, which happened to be Iceland’s Symphony Orchestra Hall known for its distinct geometric honeycomb architecture replicating the basalt landscape of Iceland. It’s super pretty at night so we popped inside to have a quick look close up. Inside it’s very artistic, concrete and industrial.

 Since daylight hours were short, there wasn’t a lot of things open to check out. So we ended the night, headed back to hotel to rest and planned our adventurous trip for tomorrow. The hotel we stayed at is Flosshotel, bare in mind this is a chain of hotels in Iceland, some are completed to a nice a standard and others are a work in progress and a total mess. I highly recommend the hotel shown in the picture below.

Enjoy the pictures from day one! Let’s commence with a mandatory passport/ boarding pass picture shall we?

I hope you enjoyed this super short, simple blogpost and vlog from day one at Iceland and stay tuned for day two (will be up in a week) – trust me you want to stick around for this next post because I share with you all some beautiful landmarks of Iceland, it’s incredibly scenic, so don’t forget to follow on the right hand side! If you have any questions please do share them, I’m more than happy to share my experiences and tips further! xoxoInstagram  ||  Twitter  ||  Tumblr  || Youtube

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