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I’ve been meaning to try out some NYX cosmetics after seeing it lurking in everyones makeup collection and reviews, thinking they’re good – but guess what guys, I didn’t like them nor was I wowed by them.

I trekked into the big Boots on Oxford Street perusing through their aisles, I mean they have a great stand with wide selection of colours and products, a nude lippie to fit anyone! and here’s what I left walking out the store with:

NYX  ||  Lip Lingerie – Ruffle Trim – £7.00
NYX  ||  Soft Matte Lip Cream – Zurich – £6.00
NYX  ||  Soft Matte Lip Cream – Stockholm – £6.00
NYX  ||  Suede Matte Lip Liner – Stockholm – £4.00
NYX  ||  Suede Matte Lip Liner – Cannes – £4.00
NYX  ||  Illuminator – Ritualistic – £9.50

I know what you’re all thinking, girllll they all look the same! Sweety I can assure you they’re far from it and each colour creates a different tone to the makeup look. In my search I was looking for an easy every day nude and one peach tone lippy for the summer days and I can say goal accomplished!
The above swatches are with and without flash (fyi, the quality of the pictures got distorted slightly when I was adding the text on top of it, oh it kills!).

| SWATCHES (no flash) |
Top Left  ||   nothing on my lips and no highlight
Top Right  ||  BAM, highlight on! and on the lips we have the soft matte lip cream and suede matte lipliner both in Stockholm – great peachy colour that doesn’t wash my lips out to the Nth degree.
Bottom Left  ||  Soft matte lip cream in Zurich + Suede lip liner in Cannes = a vibrant yet soft pink
Bottom Right  ||  Lip lingerie in Ruffle Trim, a nice mauve with a brown undertone

I’ve been testing these lip products out for over 2 weeks now on 9-hour shifts at work, and honestly I’m really not a fan of the texture of any of the liquid lippies. I feel as though they have a slight tack to it when you apply them and then the product just sits in-between your lips making them feel and appear dehydrated, which isn’t too pretty. The colour payoff is okay, found myself topping up at least twice (after drinking endless teas and having lunch of course). Within the application itself, you definitely need two coats and the opacity and colour vibrancy is buildable.

I wish NXY would just enhance the formula a little bit more to make it feel smooth and velvety, then these lip products would definitely be a staple in my makeup kit (just putting it out there, my favourite liquid lipsticks are from Tarte). As I mentioned NYX  have an amazing colour selection, it’s just a shame I didn’t take to their liquid lipsticks once on the lips.

As for the lip liners, they were great, velvety and really applied well – did the job. Easy to use, no complaints. Update: these pencils don’t sharpen very well, just something to keep in mind.

Now my favourite purchase from this haul was the highlighter, reminds me ever so slightly of Becca’s highlighter in terms of texture and application. I was initially skeptical of this bright off-white illuminating powder as I wasn’t too sure how it’d work for my skin tone, but I have to say I’m impressed and loving it. I was initially looking for something a little bit more warmer and golden but was surprised with this product.

The powder is extremely fine so applies and blends really nicely and clear without a white flashback that doesn’t make you look like a ghost (hopefully that makes sense). The glitter reflexes are small and not chunky, so the glow is radiant unlike my Dior highlighters. In the final picture (taken with flash), I’ve applied it to the bridge of my nose, eyebrow bone and cheekbone. Once placed and I’ve finished applying all my powder products, I will set and lock my makeup with a finishing spray… and honestly the highlight glows in a dewy way that’s beautiful for everyday use and not so obnoxious.
I really enjoyed trying out these products, although disappointed with the wearability of the liquid lippies. It’s such a shame as I really wanted to love them and try out their other colours. Nonetheless, I really enjoy using the lipliners and LOVE the highlighter << really easy to use and apply.

I will definitely venture back to NYX and try some of their complexion products, they haven’t lost me just yet… so watch this space.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Charliestar says:

    I’ve been trying out one of the NYX Matte Lip creams! I love mine, but do you find them to be not very long wearing? I do and it’s annoying to have to top it up or leave it to look patchy… ❤

    1. yazmiinaktar says:

      They’re incredibly patchy and crinkle up at the inner lips if that makes any sense, it really is disappointing as yes I do find that I have to top it up more often which I hoped I didn’t need to do.

      For a matte lipsticks it requires more effort/work needed, haha xoxo

  2. I love their lip cream and they are such good products for the price. Stockholm lipliner looks amazing. I will have to go check out the shades.

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