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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Welcome to Day Two of my Iceland travel series. I cannot apologise enough for the delay, but alas it’s here.

The agenda for this road trip was to visit as many natural landmarks as possible. We all had planned to see a bunch of attractions based off of some popular tours in Iceland, but we didn’t manage to see as many as we would of liked. Key factors that need to be taken into account is:

  • Daylight hours – start your day early as there’s not enough light out
  • The weather – omg it goes from hailstorm to fog, to sun and back round to heavy clouds again and it can all change within 20 mins and is scary as heck if you’re not an experienced driver. Have car lights on at ALL times.
  • Hike time – when we got to the landmarks we thought we’d be there 15 mins in and back out, but no we got excited taking pictures and hiking around
  • Wetness? – I didn’t realise you’d get drenched near the waterfalls, so we spent some time trying to dry down, definitely recommend taking an extra outfit with you (plus it doubles up for a nice outfit change in pictures!)
  • Journey – What I mean by this is that the length between each destination is long, as most of the day was spent in the car driving about and there’s nothing in-between except loads of land – no town or civilisation. It’s a bit daunting when you’re used to city life and all of sudden you’re driving where there’s limited civilisation it really brings you out of your comfort zone into the unknown.

Regardless of the above issues, we managed to stop by the following landmarks:

  • Seljalandsfoss – A waterfall which you can walk behind, take a rain coat, umbrellas will NOT survive in windy conditions. I highly recommend this place, it’s great walking behind the waterfall despite getting wet, it was def worth it.
  •  Skógafoss (Skogar, Iceland) – Another lovely waterfall where you can hike up to the top observatory deck and get good views there. We didn’t have time to climb upto the top, but stopped by to take pictures of God’s beautiful landscape.
  • Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach (Vik, Iceland) – I wouldn’t say this is a beach where you can sunbathe on, the rocks are too coarse for that. There’s a small low cave where you get to see the black basalt columns, and the crashing waves are strong. It’s a very picturesque place where we managed to get there for sunset. For all my bollywood fans, Dilwale was shot here 😉
  • Then we started our journey towards Jökulsárlón in the hopes of seeing the Glacier Lagoon but by the time we got there it was pitch black. So we u-turned back to Reykjavik. Regardless we are able to drive by a mountain besides the Atlantic Ocean and see the Supermoon, which happened to the brightest and biggest sighting of the moon in over 60 years, so that was beautiful and surreal.

Throughout our time in Iceland we didn’t get  a chance to see the northern lights unfortunately. Just to recap we travelled in November so we knew this could be a possibility due to the clouds.

This particular day was a planned road trip to visit all of natures beauties and attractions. We tried our best to jam pack as many sights as possible which we thought we could accomplish, but no we couldn’t.

My top tip for Iceland – have sturdy comfortable shoes, be ready for lots of walking, have your snacks ready and make sure you have a wifi-dongle and phone charger with you at all times. We needed to use the sat nav on many occasions and it was a life saver.

Oh and be PREPARED! Start your day early and focus on being quick (in and out) then you’ll have the opportunity to visit loads more locations.
IMG_4492I do hope that this post was somewhat helpful and you enjoyed the vlog attached! I enjoy writing up these posts (albeit this has been severely delayed, In sha allah I’ll have the next one ready for you next week)!

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