HAUL & First Impressions || EVE SNOW LONDON

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I was perusing the beauty aisles in TK Maxx and came across this brand (can also be found on [Net-a-Porter] for £14!) but I managed to pick them up for £2.99 per bottle! I picked up two nudes and fun metallic colour which I think is perfect for autumn/ winter. I was so easily tempted to purchase more but I resisted, really proud of myself, haha.

It’s the first time I came across Eve Snow, so standing in the middle of the aisles, I whipped out my phone and I did a quick search on Google and educated myself on the brand a little before making the purchase – I also wanted to find out what kind of value for money I was getting.

“Founder Yvette Snowden started Eve Snow because she “wanted to create a luxury British brand with a conscience.” Each nourishing nail polish is made in cruelty-free conditions and infused with Marula Oil, Vitamin B12 and Equisetum Extract, setting it apart from other lacquers, which have sun-protective properties. The polishes are also free from formaldehyde – Vegan friendly – Made in the UK” (Net-a-Porter).
All swatches are taken without (top) and with flash (bottom)
 P I G A L L E
2x coats required. A pale nude ballerina pink, very flattering against my skin tone without making my hands look darker. It’s the right combination of peach and pink that you’d want in your perfect nude.
B E L L A . V I T A
2x coats required. I love a good cosmic, intergalactic, scarab inspired polish and I was drawn to this colour like a magpie is drawn to shiny objects! Anybody who follows me since my old blogspot days will know I own various glitter and shimmery varnishes – they’re just so damn beautiful – if only they weren’t so annoying to remove though.

This is a purple based metallic polish with fine glitter particles, illuminating a golden brown/ coppery sheen in various lights. ADORE. FYI, this polish is fairly easy to remove and isn’t difficult unlike other glitter/ shimmer polishes.
S K I N N Y . D I P
3x coats required. A brown based nude with a pearlescent golden sheen. A very sophisticated basic b!*** colour and super lovely on! The perfect professional nude with a hint of sass. It’s my favourite one out of the three, however it does require an extra coat of varnish to get a nice opaque look as it is quite on the translucent/ thinner side of things.

Overall thoughts, super easy to apply because the brush spreads nice and widely, with great control. They dry in reasonable time and has a nice glossy finish. Upon removing the polish, my nails were NOT left stained. With no top coat, my nails did start to chip from day 4 onwards – so I’m assuming with a top coat it’ll last a lot longer.

From the range, I’m also lusting after ‘Nudist’ which is a pearlescent oyster colour (similar sort of finish to Skinny Dip), but Tk Maxx being Tk Maxx the bottle I found was compromised and the seal was broken which was sad to the say the least. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be on this occasion.

I hope I’ve been able to introduce you to a fun new brand, that’s also vegan friendly (& surprisingly have a great, yet small, colour selection) – and I hope you liked the swatches and info shared. Please let me know what kind of further information you’d like regarding these swatch and first impressions posts. On a side note, I’m very aware my hands and cuticles look awfully dry and rough, I promise I’ll have them manicured and moisturised for next time! 😉 haha

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