Vlog || SmokynotSmudgy2017 and Band of Burgers

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I went to Smoky Not Smudgy on 29.10.2017 – an event created by Imperial College London to raise money for charity. I went once before many years ago when Dina Tokio was showcasing a small collection – fast forward many years later I thought I’d revisit it to see if it was any good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite what I expected and was a little disappointed. You’d think after many years there would be improvements but I didn’t feel it was any better, if anything a tad bit worse. Now I’m not sure if that was down to the poor attendance or the overall running of the whole event.

The event gives people the opportunity to network and mingle which is great. Me and my cousins ended up getting the Extravaganza ticket which gives you access to the talks, meet and greet, workshops, entry to the souk bazaar and the runway. Although this sounds like a lot – the delivery of each event was a bit poor and underwhelming.

The fashion show was great, again like the [Bangladesh Fashion Week] show, I left half way during the intermission. The music didn’t flow with the show, it stopped during some of the walks and again it was just on too late. I understand it’s the highlight of the event but it genuinely didn’t need to be dragged on till late, especially since the other events were on so early in the morning. Regardless, the highlights of the event for me was meeting long time blogger friend, [@NillyDahlia] and watching the all female acapella group, Imperielles perform.In the end we were too hungry to continue so drove into Camden to have some burgers at Band Of Burgers, I’ve enjoyed this place and the ambience but there are many more burger joints that are out there which are far more tastier and also cheaper. I ended up get the Mexican Burger and some Rosemary Chips.Hope you enjoyed travelling virtually with me into London, if you like more of these types of videos and blogposts, let me know and I’ll make more of an effort to get more day in the life contents for you!

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