As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

CAN YOU TELL MY EXCITEMENT FOR THIS POST FROM THE OVERUSE OF CAPITAL LETTERS?That’s because I feel like I’ve found the cheapest (if not closest) alternative (can I say dupe? is this a dupe?) of this price range for this rather expensive lip lacquer – right from the texture down to the colour – and I’m super happy with the quality and application of the gloss I found.

Without further ado please let me introduce you too…
CHARLOTTE TILBURY ||  Lip Lustre – Seduction – £16.50 – 3.5ml – a pink nude with peachy undertones
and the star of the show…
PRIMARK  ||  PS… My Perfect Nude Nourishing Lipgloss – Pink Teddy – £2.00 – 4.5ml – a pink nude with warmer deeper hues.
Now I know what you’re thinking they’re not the EXACT same colour… but honey woah there slow down… I know. It’s the cheapest and closest alternative I’ve come across! I did come across a Primark peach oil infused lip gloss that I thought could potentially be an exact match – but the ones I came across were tampered with and opened so I couldn’t bring it home to test out. Nonetheless, know that your bae Primark is hooking you girls up!!!!!!! Gone are the days for OTT and expensive lip lacquers.

Both lacquers are super nourishing, seduction (Charlotte Tilbury) is described as “enriched with Lotus Flower extract, an antioxidant that protects, hydrates and soothes lips for a gorgeous, perfect, lacquered finish” – which does ring true to the product as it does feel hydrated and has a super nice sheen. Whilst pink teddy (Primark) contains shea butter and vitamin E providing a luxuriously soft finish. For a gloss they’re both decently opaque; neither of the lipglosses has a sticky tack to it (yay!), they both don’t come off in one glide, and reapplication is definitely needed after some time. Out of the two, the Primark lipgloss had a strong smell of sherbet, which I’m not too particularly fond off, however, neither of the two tasted funny. They both have doe-foot applicators whereby seduction is angled off for easy and precise application, whereas pink teddy is quite flat and flexible so it manoeuvres over the lip contours – covering a large surface area quicker.
L // Charlotte Tilbury: Seduction && R// Primark: Pink Teddy


They’re both very pretty nude lip lacquers/ glosses – with an intense shine and I love them both and can see myself using both up very quickly. To be honest, since I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury one I’ve been using it as my go-to gloss and it’s well near half used. However, going forward I don’t necessarily see myself buying any more from her unless it’s a lovely colour that I must own as I’m super pleased and quite content with the Primark gloss – the colour is much more suited to my warmer skin tone and really friendly to my pursestrings. I’m extremely surprised at the quality (very glossy and lustrous) and the quantity of it, you definitely get your bang for the buck and I definitely see myself getting more and testing out more Primark makeup as so far I have not been disappointed with what I have found. Literally looking forward to my next Primark visit now, hehe.

I hope you enjoyed this post – if you wish to see more from me or more like these posts please do show your love and support! Until my next post xoxo

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  1. sharon says:

    Gorgeous colors for upcoming spring!🌸🌷🌹🌺


    1. yazmiinaktar says:

      yes definitely agree! ❤

  2. Very pretty colours! X

    1. yazmiinaktar says:

      IKR! ❤ – super surprised

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