LIFE // 6 MONTH UPDATE, Mommy Edition.

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Hey beautiful, this is a 6-month update post on me,  just checking in and sharing my up changes and updates that I’ve experienced since birth. If you would like to read the baby 6-month update version, then go right ahead and read [here]. I’ve decided to split the baby and I updates otherwise it would be wayyyy too long to read.
So here goes the updates:


Now it’s important I talk about my own updates because as new mothers it’s important to also check in on ourselves during this time. How can we be there for our little ones if we’re feeling our worst.

Don’t just look at yourself from a physical aspect, think about your mental, emotional and spiritual attributes as well as evaluating your relationship levels. Through my own experience I realised it is so important to check in on these other aspects too. If you’re not doing so well, get the help and support you need – whether it’s from friends, family or professional help – just reach out or find a form of therapy that helps whether it’s talking or journaling.

It’s no picnic in the park, you will be tested, your relationships will be tested – heck mine is still being tested, in ways I didn’t expect. Having a baby will put a change your entire existence and outlook to life – giving it a whole new meaning. I’ve realised there’s only so much help your partner can give – before they start exhausting themselves too. Just know that through time it will get easier – you will become stronger together. As long as you both know what is expected from each other, you will continue to fight through it together. Just give each other time, space and understanding to overcome these new changes.

Previously I stressed the difficulties I experienced in the first couple of weeks of motherhood in this post [here] – from having no guidance and finding motherhood completely hard, lonely and unnatural. Fast forward to present day – it’s still hard, the difficulties are different and the struggles have changed. Although the sleepless and broken nights have become easier to manage and the cries are understandable.

Over time I noticed I was more smilier and positive, I started going out more, do my makeup more, look presentable and I’m finally making more time to myself. I’m still trying to squeeze in gym life but cooking and feeding myself is still a chore and last on my list. It’s coming together slowly but surely.

In terms of physical aspects – my hair was a problem, I noticed significant hair loss so I gave my hair the chop (hated doing it because I love my long hair) BUT it’s only hair and I know it’ll grow back very quickly. I had a ceasarean so my scar has healed very well except one little bit which is concerning so I need to book an appointment in for it asap. Although it’s healed, if pressure is applied to the scar it does still hurt. Majority of my bloatedness has reduced but I’ve still got that stubborn baby ceasarean roll there. Through constant bottle washing and washing my hands – my hands have become insanely dry. The Nivea smoothcare hand cream has been working it’s wonders.

I’m starting to have a lot of fun with Isa now, his giggles melt my heart, his gummy laugh is infectious and I fall in love with him more and more as the days go on. I love that he’s becoming his own person, very strong in himself and knows what he wants, likes and dislikes – it’s cute and adorable. I thank Allah that he’s a super chilled baby – easy to take out, no fuss, loves everyone and enjoys the adventures. He could’ve easily been a handful – which would’ve added so much pressure but alhamdulilah I’m thankful for the ease that Allah has provided me.

With that said just note that within the first couple of months you will see the biggest and drastic changes both in your baby and in your life some good and some bad. LITERALLY don’t sweat the small stuff, breathe, relax and enjoy your bubba. Take LOADS of pictures and videos and just say yes to all the fun oppurtinities and don’t be afraid to use the word NO also. It’s been a hectic 6 months but I’m actually looking forward to the next 6 months to come with little man. So I’ll guess I’ll next see you then.

Until my next post xoxo

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  1. lbeth1950 says:

    I was surprised when I didn’t fall madly in love the baby the first time I saw it.

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