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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

On Friday 22nd February 2018 – I went on the most sporadic trip to London to meet up with this chic Tahsina who traveled all the way from Manchester!!! I knew her from the first days of Instagram I guess and she was one of those accounts I’ve just followed and spoken to over the years – so it was super nice to finally meet her!!! We didn’t have a lot planned for the day as it was a last minute get together but we knew we wanted to hit up Peggy Porschen at some point in the day – so we decided to trip it out in London together in the meantime.

I decided the vlog the day, so please do watch the video above. I’ve also decided to share a couple more pictures that didn’t make it onto the gram. We started off in Convent Garden > M&M world > Harrods > Burgeri > Liberty’s > Carnaby Street and then finally to Peggy Porshen – where a detailed review of the pink parlour can be found at the end of this post.

Peggy Porschen Review
116 Ebury Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9QQ
Open every day 8am-8pm
Nearest stations: Sloane Square and Victoria Station
Halal? – I forgot to ask but I don’t believe they are. But there’s plenty of other options to delve into.

I’ll try and make this a quick, punchy review. Right off the bat, they’re super instagrammable no doubt about it. Very pretty floral arrangements that change according to season and occasion. The pastel, airy-fairy indoors is extremely quaint but small (I can see why they get queues, it’s because there’s seating for 20 people max by what it looked like). We went approximately 6pmish and there wasn’t a queue and it was fairly quiet too. They have a nice selection of sweet treats from cupcakes to biscuits and macarons and even to layered cakes, also offering a variety of warm pretty drinks. We both opted for a nice warm hot chocolate (£4.75 each) to end the day and I must admit I wasn’t expecting the cup to be huge, which was extremely welcomed. It was a really good ‘homemade’ hot cocoa where I didn’t feel the need to add additional sugars and it wasn’t too watery nor thick which was great.

We both also opted for triple layered cakes (£6.20 per slice)- I got the Banoffee slice whilst Tahsina got Salted Caramel. Oh, my these slices were super sweeeeet – too sweet to have had a hot chocolate with – I’d definitely pair it with a coffee-based drink next time. I must admit though – the banoffee slice wasn’t as moist as I would have expected, Lola’s cupcakes are much more moist, fluffy and airy in terms of consistency. Now I don’t know if I found it dry because we came closer to the end of the day BUT overall it was a nice tasting slice of cake. Is it worth the price??? Ermmmm in my humble opinion – on this occasion not quite. I definitely wouldn’t knock this place down, do go there for the gram and do try them out but just know there is other fun ‘hyped’ places to go over this place.

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Until my next post xoxo

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