As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Hello my loves, I’m sorry for slacking on the video front of life – but guess what – I’ve actively been trying to vlog a lot more! Not quite the daily vlogger – more so a weekly vlogger of here and there and everywhere – piecing it together nicely. I’m vlogging more so for me than anyone else tbh – a visual diary to show my son when he’s older and a touching way for me to remember him and watch the changes because let’s be honest, it only takes one blink to miss everything. In a world where things are digital and constant, I feel like pictures don’t always capture those perfect imperfect memories, the moving smiles and constant laughter/ babbling – I know 10000% it’ll be nice for the future me to reflect back upon – and in the meantime I’m going to share my moments with you too!

In this vlog, I share a snippet of one day where I and Isa pop out to eat at Tortilla where he sat in a high chair for the first time! && I pop into Primark and Zara and share with you what I purchase. So without further ado – here is the first of many vlogs to come – E N J O Y.

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Until my next post xoxo

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  1. texaslawstudent says:

    Very cool!

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