LIFE // Septum Piercing Update

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Thought I’d share my septum journey with along with some tips shared at the bottom of the post.

On 29th June, approx 5pm, I came out of Camden station and took a right into the hustle and bustle that is Camden walked for literally less than a minute and then took the first left into Inverness Street Market. Because there on the corner stood a guy with a big arrow indicating that there was a piercings parlor nearby, bingo!

I got my septum piercing done at Nemesis Tatto & Body Piercing on 

A lady called Magda did my piercing and she was super friendly and really pretty with all her piercings and tattoo’s on show – definitely a living walk of art. She spoke in a way that made you feel calm and she was really knowledgeable and confident in what she was saying and doing so it made you feel at ease and comfortable.

Laying there on the sterile bed, the first step she did was clean and sterilise the area where the piercing was going to be. She then clamps it, now this is where my heart started pounding because the cold clamps felt big. Next, she needles through – now for me, this is the bit that really hurts, but doesn’t at the same time. It just felt slow even though it wasn’t. It was definitely an outer body experience for me, where it’s like I can see Magda piercing me – so in that sense it felt even more painful and slow. Once the needles through, she then wiggles the bullring through and screws the ball on the end to secure it – this part hurts a little also because of all the wriggly movement. But the overall reality was that it was a very quick process.

So technically this is my second septum piercing as the first one closed up a couple of years ago. Reason: I got ill and couldn’t blow my nose, so I got irritated and took the ring out. Sadly, it was too soon to take the ring out and I couldn’t fit it back in the wonky whole so eventually, it somewhat closed up.

Now when Magda, pierced my nose this time around, somehow it went through this very same hole. This very same wonky hole. Now Magda being the ever-so professional was disappointed to see it had done this and she was worried this was a reflection of her work. I reassured her that actually, it was a wonky piercing from beforehand.

She was adamant I let her re-do the piercing as she wouldn’t want to let me out of her hands with a wonky piercing. Now what I genuinely appreciated about Magda was her concern and professionalism over the matter, I felt like I was in safe hands, so continued the process to redo it again, then and there.

& that kids is the story of how I got my septum piercing 😀

A F T E R C A R E //
I guess each piercing has it’s own aftercare instructions, for me it was to create a quick saline solution with sterile water (boiling water cooled down) and 1/4 teaspoon of salt and swab it around the piercing.

Key instructions are not to mess or play with the septum piercing. For me, this was incredibly hard, as I enjoy fiddling with it and flicking it in and out. As long as you don’t mess with your piercing and clean it often it should heal well within 4/6 weeks.

Now I have a baby, and my little one has already grabbed at the septum and head-butted/ whacked me in the nose, which isn’t great at all in terms of healing. Regardless, it’s still healing well. The initial pierce doesn’t swell up or bruise, only the tip of the nose feels sore but you can’t see anything.

To recap: do your research on the piercing and location of where you want to get the piercing done (make sure they’re licensed), keep the area well clean, don’t interfere with the area, have you’re piercing done at a time where you won’t be blowing your nose all the time (for example, stay away from winter were you’re more likely to get ill and avoid hayfever season), oh and allow 6 weeks time for the piercing to heal well.

I think I’ve touched upon all you need to know on septum piercings so if you have any questions let me know and I’ll be sure to address them sharpish! In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the following pictures of me 4 years ago when I first had the piercing done just so you can see how I ‘styled‘ it.

I hope you genuinely enjoyed this post, if you’d like to hear my opinions or experiences on anything then let me know!

Until my next post xoxo

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