LIFE // One year of motherhood.

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Yup, that’s right, my little boy turned one on August 08th, Alhamdulillah for everything!

Motherhood, for me personally didn’t start out easy at all – I felt lonely, confused and just overall struggled  – you can read all about it [here]. However, come through the 6-month stage, I had a full 180 turnaround and had a bit of a whirlwind moment from then on. Why? because all of a sudden, he became a little mister, a little boy full of so much character and confidence it’s been hilarious, lovely and enjoyable to watch him grow since. I also think it helps that he now sleeps through the night (alhamdulillah) so I’m able to sleep easy too. This has definitely been a blessing for me as I know it easily could have been worse, but I thank Allah daily for my little blessings.

I thought I’d share this post as a quick reflection of motherhood to date and also share 2 of my favorite pictures of Isa throughout the year 🙊. The first picture shown was taken on Eid-ul-Fitr and the second picture was taken at my cousin’s mehndi. He’s just such a smiley, happy, cheeky little monkey and I do love him to bits (Allahuma Barik). I’ll stop the gushing here!
Now this time last year, as I mentioned was a whirlwind, as I truly cannot remember how the time flew by, how maternity whizzed passed and now I’m back to my full-time desk job trying to fit in endless brunches, blogging and life experiences with Isa in the small spare time I have, oh and not  forgetting to mention squeezing in family and friends and making sure there’s still mommy and daddy time all whilst maintaining a home. The first world life is truly a juggling act.

I took 9 months off work (basically up until the pay finished) and towards the end of it, just as I was due to go back to work is when I truly got into the swings and ‘routine’ of motherhood. In terms of getting up and gettings things done with a positive mind frame and not feeling overwhelmed by anything. Now as much as you try and stick to a routine it won’t always go exactly to plan and that’s okay, I allowed my days to have flexibility and structure without it being rigid – this meant I was then in the moment, in my surroundings and able to give 100% attention to the NOW. This change in motion meant I was also able to enjoy Isa and in turn gain more life experiences.

Prior to being Isa’s mommy, it was just me, I was a superficial version of me who just wanted ‘things’ – meaningless things. What Isa did, was give me life. Motherhood really does bring out the life in you and it’s no longer about trying to get the latest makeup or climb the corporate career ladder in an unknown destination.

Don’t get me wrong, throughout this whole journey, I almost lost my identity for a hot second, and then I was reminded that I too was growing and evolving into this new found identity. I’m now working on my mommy self and feel like I’ve got that locked down mentally but just working on myself physically still (lol). I did not give two thoughts about trying to loose weight whilst on maternity, and all those brunching days over maternity have definitely caught up to me so now it’s time to get fit (watch this space!). I’m also incorporating more ‘me time‘ in, to ensure I stay sane, haha.

Ultimately, what I want to finish off with, is that for all you new time mommies, it really is true what they say – it does get easier! Except for the poo, I still cannot deal with it, the more they eat exotic foods, the smellier it gets LOL. Joke’s aside, you truly will have energy, fun, and laughter as the time goes on. For the moment, just be in the NOW. Put the phone and the camera down, turn the telly off and just enjoy being with your baby and watching them grow.

I do hope you enjoyed catching up and if you’d like to see more from me, then stick around and follow me here or you can subscribe to me over on youtube.

P.S. I do hope that this post has helped explain why my posts and videos have been a bit sparse over the last few months, I was still adjusting and just enjoying the moment.

Until my next post xoxo

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