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*forgive me, I thought I had this posted on the blog but alas I didn’t and it’s been sitting in my drafts for over a year! sigh*

T H E M E A T I N G R O O M || A small barnyard full of rustic carbs! Can be found in the small quaint city of St. Albans.
It’s simple, rustic and full of flavour!
22 Catherine St, St Albans AL3 5BX

I discovered this place sometime well over a year ago and fell in love and have been visiting every so often since. I shot the following vlog two Ramadans ago, so watch it if you if you’d like to get a feel for the interior, vibe and ambience. The owner was lovely, noticed we were fasting and provided us with some dates! Oh the little touches of customer service make me melt and is what brings me back to this place. I’ve never had a bad experience here, if something wasn’t quite right they were quick on hand to resolve this. Seriously A* for excellent customer service.

Below is a compilation of all the foods I’ve tried and tasted. As you can see I tend to opt for the same things all over again, my order will always consist off a portion of falafel bites, some form of chicken wings, salted caramel milkshake and their 100% traceable British beef burgers with their rosemary and sea salt fries! This place is halal and they accept the tastecard on certain days. FYI knowing that they donate their surplus stock to their local community centre just has me screaming and makes me love them even more.

Don’t worry if you don’t eat beef they’re able to swap your patty out for lamb or you can opt for lamb, chicken or veggie burgers. Each burger is named after the local area and my two favourite go to burgers is The Meating Room (their house burger) and the Flaming Fleetville served with rosemary and sea salt fries. These chips are sooo lovely, crispy and crunchy but fluffy on the inside.

A quick mini review of each item I’ve tried to date (FYI, once I like something I will stick to it and won’t venture out in trying the other options, terrible I know):

The Meating Room Burger // Beef patty, gem lettuce, grilled beef tomato, red onion, applewood smoked cheddar, turkey bacon, BBQ chilli sauce – Now this burger is great, It’s the house burger for a reason: packed full with flavour (pictured 5th and 6th)
Flaming Fleetville // Beef patty, english mustard relish, gem lettuce, grilled beef tomato, jalapeno, red onion – I remember my first initial bites of this burger, and I did NOT like it because I wasn’t expecting to taste mustard and I remember it was so strong it hit my nose in a not-so-nice-unexpected way. Once I overcame that realisation I really, really enjoyed the fiery kick that both the sauce and jalapeños bought to the burger, I typically add a slice of cheese to this burger also (pictured last)
Falafel Bites // !! Must Try !! These deep fried golden balls of goodness are amazing. So soft and flavourful, the textures perfect: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Paired perfectly with a chipotle dip (love this sauce). Leading me onto my favourite flavour of chicken wings…
Chipotle Wings // !! Must Try !! Deep fried chicken coated in a thick, creamy chipotle sauce topped with spring onions. I like the crispy, fried texture of the wings with this sauce – it’s just perfectly balanced albeit super fiddly to eat.
BBQ Chilli Wings // If you like BBQ you will love these wings which are topped with sesame seeds. I personally don’t like the taste/smell of BBQ but tried these out and to be fair they’re super lovely as the chilli kick shines through.
Buffalo Wings  // Avoid these wings, I find them to a have a strong pungent smell to them with a sour taste to them. It’s something I’ll defo avoid.
Calamari // Calamari is calamari where you go and if you enjoy it, you’ll enjoy it here equally. You get three large rings, served with a wedge of lemon – the batter is lovely but falls off super easily. The only downside is you get three pieces, so this isn’t an ideal sharing starter, defo a one person starter.
Salted caramel milkshake // !! Must Try !! I’ve loved salted caramel for as long as I can remember and have been ordering this milkshake on every visit I’ve been. It’s the most expensive drink on the menu, which I didn’t notice – clearly capitalising on the salted caramel trend. Regardless, I will and do continue to order this milk because it’s so lovely and thick, with chocolate nibs and a salted caramel sauce drizzled throughout.IMG_5309IMG_5042IMG_5045IMG_5040

Hopefully this post was helpful to you all. I highly recommend this place and can’t praise it enough. Every time I visit the place with a new friend – they’ve fully been converted and I know YOU will love it too! If you ever do pop in, let me know and share your thoughts with me.

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FOLLOW ME TO || ICELAND – DAY THREE // Car Karaoke and Last Supper

As-Salaamu Alaikum
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It’s Day Three of my Iceland travel series. Recap with vlogs one [H E R E] and two [H E R E]. I highly recommend reading part two to find out what to actually consider when travelling in Iceland, although I did forget to mention that the water in the hotel smells like rotten eggs (although safe to drink, which I didn’t – bottle at all times!) caused by the sulfur via the hot water flowing from geothermal origins. It’s safe to say my mornings never started off well as all I wanted to do was puke when I smelt it first thing in the morning!

So in this last installation of my travel series from Iceland, I take you through another scenic journey full of karaoke, laughter, a pit stop at the Blue Lagoon and our last supper together. You may wonder why is soooo much of the footage filmed in the car (a Nissan X-Trail)? Well most of our time was spent in the car, as it takes ages to get from one destination to the next (something to factor when travelling). However, I wouldn’t trade this travel option for anything else as I know it wouldn’t be nowhere near as fun travelling  with these girls in a coach.

Our final day consisted of checking out more national parks however we didn’t anticipate to get lost at Bruarfoss (we kept loosing mobile and satnav signal, very scary when you’re on foreign land and have no sense of direction) plus when you get there the signage is awful. This meant a lot of time was wasted and we didn’t get to stop off by the Geysir (where water erupts from hot springs) and take pictures although we did get a chance to drive by and see them in action! It all happened too quickly for any of us to pull out our cameras and snap away either.

Despite this we still managed to end the day beautifully and relaxed! Here is a list of things we got up to that final day:

  • Thingvellir National Park (Thingvellir, Iceland) // One of Icelands most historic (and popular) parks as it sits on a valley caused by the separation of two tectonic plates. It was also where their Parliament was situated up until the 18th century.
    What can you do here? – Hike through the valleys, learn the history, and check out the beautiful views and even snorkel and scuba dive. However, we didn’t hike, we ran to the observatory deck to take in the breathtaking views, take pictures and be on our way! 😀 FYI change is needed for parking.
  • Bruarfoss Waterfall (Brekkuskógur, Iceland) // this is supposed to be the one of the most picturesque and photogenic waterfalls around town – that’s if you can find it! I highly recommend you research this place prior to going as the signage and directions is awful, when we went it did look they were still constructing the roads. The trek to locate the head of this place is quite tricky, confusing, messy and dirty – so take some hike appropriate boots! It’s safe to say one or two of us have slipped into the mud trying to look for this place. Eventually we did give up (as we were running out of time) and were content seeing the river stream on by. If you have the time and patience for this very muddy trail then I highly recommend it as I’m sure you’ll get some very instragrammable and rewarding pictures 😀
  • Blue Lagoon (Grindavik, Iceland) // This is a MUST on your Icelandic venture although please do make it one of the last activities you do on your final day and do book in advance before you leave, basically as soon as your flight tickets are booked. If you leave it too late you’ll miss out and this is one activity you want to do as you definitely end the trip on a nice relaxing note.
    Allow yourself plenty of time before you’re supposed to be in as the queues are long and you’re required to take a shower before hand (an hour should suffice). There are open changing rooms and a couple of cubicle ones dotted around and you get a locker to pop your stuff into.
    Although there were a lot of people, we still found the experience really enjoyable and relaxing – the water was really warm and soothing and we didn’t feel like prunes by the end of it :D. The complimentary mask was quite lovely on, nothing too fancy that makes me want to say “i need this again”. We took the towels from the hotel so we didn’t have to bring back wet ones, hehe (albeit I do feel a little guilty) and we took our own flip flops. Having said that we opted for the basic ticket entry option and it was more than enough, the premium wouldn’t have made a difference to the experience to be fair.
    There are dressing room stations on the way out with complimentary tissues, cotton buds/ pads and hairdryers – so you can get dolled up and ready before you leave. Overall, a highly recommendable experience although on the pricier side of activities.  
  • Messinn (Reykjavik, Iceland) // Our last supper was at none other than Messinn! We got here later than intended but the staff were super lovely and accommodated us well. As the food was made super fresh they were also able to remove all the alcoholic ingredients from our meals and provided us with complimentary rye bread (the softest rye I’ve ever had). The interior of this place has an authentic nautical feel to it, quite an intimate setting that’s not cramped.
    I had the fish burger – a salmon fillet on a bun with cucumbers, tomatoes, camembert, sweetcorn, pickled and fried onion and mustard sauce – served with potato wedges and chilli mayo – the flavours all worked well together. I wasn’t expecting the fillet to be a literal fillet of fish (clearly I’ve been eating too many McD’s) so this was a welcomed surprise for sure.
    However you can’t come to Messinn without trying their signature fish pans (can easily be shared between two people or more). I was lucky enough to try a bit of the dishes from the other girls and highly recommend the Plaice (tomatoes, parsley, capers, lemon and butter), Artic Char (honey, almonds, cherry tomatoes, lemon and butter) and the Atlantic Wolffish (mushrooms, bell pepper, grapes and cream cheese). All the fish pans are served on a large skillet with baby potatoes and baby spinach. Do I recommend this place? YES YES YES. An iconic seafood restaurant and 100% worth the visit for artic fresh fish, like it doesn’t taste cleaner than this place.

Hallgrimskirkja Church (Reykjavik, Iceland) // After dinner we decided to walk off our meal through the town and came across an iconic church which was architecturally breathtaking and inspired in design by the basalt rocks, housing a gigantic pipe organ, which I bet would be insane to hear. I wish we visited this place during the day as then we would’ve been able to climb to the top of the tower to get a beautiful view of the city. Please note from images on google, this church is extremely plain on the inside but if you appreciate architecture you’ll enjoy this.
I had a blast in Iceland with the girls and I enjoyed writing and editing this post for you lovely readers, so I really do hope you’ve enjoyed reading these posts and watching the vlogs to see what we got up to. Any questions feel free to ask away as I’ll be more than delighted to answer them for you. (Missing Mas from the pics below, girls how did we not get more group shots? 😦 !!)

If you enjoyed this post, show your love. Feel free to follow and support my blog and content by following! and until my next post, peace xoxo

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As-Salaamu Alaikum
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S H A K E S H A C K  ||  80 New Oxford Street, London, England, WC1A 1HB

Before I start, I want to apologise for the poor quality images, I lent my camera and didn’t get it back in time, so snapchat quality it is. This is possibly one of the quickest blogpost turnarounds I’ve presented you with all, haha – So yesterday me and Jaffery caught up over some Chick’n Shack burgers from the one and only Shake Shack! All the branches in the UK serve halal chicken only, everything else from their main food menu is off limits which is disappointing – hope they can sort this out soon as I’d love to try out their other burgers. I definitely had an appetite for this place despite eating at Vapiano’s earlier in the day and that’s because I hadn’t eaten for approx 14 hours prior due to a blood test, so trust me when I say I was hungry nonstop throughout the day, haha.

When we got there we ordered:

  • Chick’n Shack burger // Crispy chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo (added on extra cheese)
  • Cheese Fries // topped with their special blend of cheddar and American cheese sauce
  • Strawberry and mint lemonade

Now this burger is lovely, the crispy coating is seasoned well and is covers the chicken well. I really enjoyed the touch of the pickles and sauce, although in my opinion I feel as though there wasn’t enough of that buttermilk herb mayo for me to truly grasp the flavour (as evident in the pictures). Nonetheless, it was honestly a really nice burger, nothing to fantastic to wow me though, it kind of reminded me a KFC burger.

The cheese fries are a decent portion, at first I wasn’t too sure what I thought of it and didn’t think I liked it, but the more I dipped it in ketchup the more I enjoyed it. It’s got a slight crispy crunch too it with a super soft centred pillowy potato fluff in the middle. Although I did enjoy the crinkle cut chips and I personally wasn’t extremely fussed by them I can imagine how some people may be disappointed due to the lack of cheese sauce offered with chips, as you can see from the images below it looks like a small measly pumps worth.

At the time of visiting, they were offering a new strawberry and mint lemonade and it seemed like the perfect beverage to enjoy on a hot day to swim down those chips and burgers but boy was I wrong. You can hardly taste the mint and it tasted SUPER syrupy and full of sugar – making the overall eating experience quite sickly. I highly recommend staying away from this drink. If this lemonade is anything to go by, I’d probably stay away from all lemonades. Next time I’ll stick with my safe drink, H2O – water.

The hype surrounding this place is too much, the interior is lovely, the food is great but it didn’t live up to my expectations – at the end of the day we need to remember this is just another upmarket KFC fast food chain.

Don’t get me wrong, this place is definitely worth a try and visit. Go on! Get rid of those burger cravings. Come here and give it an honest go, you definitely won’t be disappointed but you won’t be amazed either.  Try not to go with any expectations and just enjoy the place, the company you’re with and the humble burger and chips.

I hope this mini review was somewhat helpful, feedback is always welcomed – as I’m on the hunt for trying out new places and eager to share my experiences with you all.
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B A N A N A T R E E  ||  103 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0UG

Popped into London to go look for wedding outfits with Jaffer (she’s such a cutie!), and a long day spent shopping means a heavy meal is on the cards, haha. We ended up in soho at Banana Tree and ordered the following:

Sticky Thai Wings  ||  fried chicken wings tossed in tamarind, garlic, sweet basil and chilli sauce
The Banana Laksa  ||  rice noodles, coconut broth with aubergine, tofu and break sprouts, with the addition of prawns and tons of chilli and lime (which was very much needed for my palate)
&& a Virgin Pina Colada Mocktail to finish off the meal

The food was good. I really enjoyed the broth in the laksa and really could’ve been content with just the soup without all the noodles and other bits and bobs. If you ever go, I really recommend this dish with the addition of chilli and lime – trust me, it’s needed and tastes lovely with it.

I love it when wings are fried first and then marinated in sauce. The coating on these sticky wings were lovely and very flavoursome, the only downfall is that the actual chicken was too dry. I feel as though they’ve pre-fried it a little too much causing them to dry out.

After the heavy meal and starter we didn’t have time or the space to have dessert, which is such a shame because the “banana frotiteroles” did sound lovely. Next time I’d definitely just opt for the laksa soup, keep it light plus dessert!
IMG_3159IMG_5472IMG_3166IMG_3193IMG_3194Quick OOTD

JEANS  ||  Tu (aka Sainsburys)
SHOES  ||  James Jasper

If you haven’t watch the VLOG already, go check it out! My countless sleepless hours are used in editing (well more like learning), check it and show love, I’m constantly improving ❤
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Follow Me To || Landmark Hotel – Afternoon Tea

As-Salaamu Alaikum
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Afternoon tea is the perfect catch up moment with a close friend. The atmosphere, food, tea and sweet treats make the moment all that extra little bit special.

On this occasion, I decided to catch up close friend, we didn’t feel like going out for a heavy meal or doing anything particular, this was a nice, relaxed moment to catch up without any loud chatter or noise. We finally found out the location of that infamous afternoon tea place with all the palm trees – we headed straight there!!!

If you would like to watch a visual event of the day, feel free to watch the video below, alternatively please continue 🙂

The moment you step into Landmark Hotel, you feel as though you’ve stepped into a spa, I’m not sure what they’re spraying or what exotic flowers they had at their disposal – but it smells like how I imagine paradise to be.

We opted for the “Winter Garden Afternoon Tea” as opposed to the chocolate, this includes:
– A variety of sandwiches
– Scones, clotted cream and a variety of jams (we opted for strawberry and blackberry)
– Raspberry and lime macaroon/ carrot, raisin and cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing/ Dark Chocolate Choux/ Mango and mint mousse
– A pot of tea each – we highly recommend The Winter Garden Blend (honestly… it smells like cake!!!) and the Landmark Hotel Blend – it’s a house special for a reason and it’s nicely curated.

As soon as we were seated we were offered our tea and selection of sandwiches, they were aware of my dietary requirements (Halal, or in this case vegetarian) so offered me sandwiches accordingly, and boyyy did they keep on bringing them. This genuinely was a buffet of afternoon tea and sandwiches. In this instance, I loved the small finger-sized food, made it much easier to eat and control, the scones were by far my favourite treat, soft doughy little scones, they offered plain and currant ones; adored the fresh strawberry jam. It’s a nice change from your good old coffee shop.

IMG_2780IMG_2826IMG_2784IMG_2790IMG_2807IMG_2802IMG_2803IMG_2815Overall, the entire tea experience was quite enjoyable, right down from the lovely hostesses to the interior and ambience. It was a very pleasant and stress free setting where we found ourselves passing by two hours with ease. There’s no hectic rush that you’d usually feel outside, we found ourselves getting immersed into really lovely deep long talks, something that was very much needed.

From all the food that was served, the scones, the raspberry/lime macaroon and the Winter Garden Blend of tea was my favourite. I highly recommend this place and if you do have the chance to go, don’t overfeed yourselves on the sandwiches and tea, save a spot (or two) for the scones and cakes, you won’t be disappointed xoxo

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STAX – A gourmet burger joint found right off of Carnaby Street in Kingly Court, first floor or to be exact at:
1.7 Kingly Court, Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW
Nearest Station Oxford StreetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSo how did I come across this place? Not going to lie, I became a sheep and followed the hype on Instagram surrounding this place and it’s been on my bucket list of restaurants to visit since. I mean where I live in England it’s extremely hard to come by decent halal restaurants, especially ones that are gimmicky and fun like this joint.  So me and my friends made the hour and a half venture into London and we were all a little disappointed to be honest… Continue reading “FOOD || STAX + OOTD”

FOOD || Yalla Yalla

My favourite kind of food aside from Indian, is LEBANESE! and no other restaurant hits the spot like Yalla Yalla does! My mouth is literally salivating from just thinking about the place as I type up this blogpost! Seriously need to hit up central London soon with the bestie and come back here.

IMG_4651IMG_4644I always end up getting the same meal every time I go, and that is the Mixed Grill, which includes a charcoal mixed grill of a chicken skewer, lamb and kofta, with grilled tomato, sumac, parsley and red pepper salad served with vermicelli and basmati rice. It sounds so heavenly, and it really is! The meat is so tender and juicy and packed with so much flavour – I’ve never ever had dry meat here, yet – and I’m never disappointed either.
Continue reading “FOOD || Yalla Yalla”

FOOD || Home made sweet potato chips

IMG_4572So I’ve always claimed that I don’t know how to cook – and I don’t, I’m learning when I have the time, so I was super duper pleased when I notched up this light, healthy meal for myself. Lately I have been loving sweet potatoes, and I’m desperately looking for new recipes and ways to try them out. On this particular day I made sweet potato fries and I just wanted to share with you the quick-student-friendly-way to make them 🙂 (I’ll share with you in a later posts as to how to make sweet potato chips/ or crisps – which taste so good when sprinkled with a little paprika and dipped in a chive and sour cream ranch.)

On this particular day I had made oven baked southern fried wedges, with grilled chicken, and a light salad on the side, drizzled with a little bit of salad cream all over – yum 😛
If you want to know the quick cheat way on how I made these sweet potato fries then continue reading this post. It serves about 2-3 people, depending on how hungry you are. Continue reading “FOOD || Home made sweet potato chips”