First Impressions // MAC Amplified Lipstick – Fast Play

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

A couple of months ago I was clearing out my makeup and decided to get some old and finished Mac lipsticks recycled in their “back-to-MAC” program for the following new lipstick:

MAC ||  Amplified Creme Lipstick – Fast Play – £17.50 Free
described as a neutral pink

Now the scheme basically lets you return 6 mac products in their primary packaging (i.e. the actual lipstick bullet) in exchange for any lipstick (some exclusions apply, so do ask in store).

After months of wearings nudes and brown I decided to opt for a pink lipstick, something that’s a bit more subdued and flattering. This lipstick is super creamy and pigmented in colour and I felt the need to share with you my try-on swatches!

I feel as though I don’t need to review MAC lipsticks because I’m sure every makeup obsessed lover has started off with at least one MAC lipstick. I know that’s how I started off and was super excited to collect them all (admittedly I have drastically slowed down in recent years) nevertheless,  I’m still excited for the collaborations and launches and I’m currently excited by the MAC x Aladdin collab.

The lipsticks are a great formula, really comfortable and nourishing on the lips, especially this creamy formula which doesn’t sit on the lips or dry them up. It doesn’t bleed a lot, but a lipliner won’t hurt, which in turn will help the longevity of the wear.

Overall, I’m pleased with my colour choice and think it’s super flattering, comfortable and easy to wear.

Until my next post xoxo

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FOTD // Everyday Simple Dew

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

It’s been an incredibly long time since I shared a new FOTD and that’s purely because I genuinely stick to the same things and not a lot changes haha.

I’ve always been intrigued by heavy makeup and blended eyeshadows, but I know this is a look that isn’t for me. I feel like it’s overdone and ageing.

If you don’t know who @Namvo is, get to know! She’s the ultimate queen of perfecting that orgasmic skin glow! Now as much as I love a good dewy dumpling look as seen here in this [p o s t], I also love a good dewy skin and natural, wearable glow.

I like to keep things simple with my makeup and hopefully this is what shines through in my recent looks!

It all starts off with PREPPING the skin first.

TONER  ||  The Ordinary – Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
FACIAL OIL  ||  Elemis – Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
MOISTURISER  ||  Origins – Ginzing Ultra-Hydrating Energy-Boosting Cream

Then we move onto the makeup…

FOUNDATION  ||  Georgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation – 6.25
PRIMER  ||  Charlotte Tilbury – Wonderglow
CONCEALER  ||  Nars – Creamy Radiant Concealer – Ginger
EYEBROWS  ||  Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown
CONTOUR  ||  Nars – Tahiti Bronzer – Laguna
BLUSHER  ||  Illamasqua – Powder Blush – Ambition
MASCARA  ||  Lancome –  Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara – Black
LIP LINER  ||  Nars – Velvet Lip Liner – Patong Beach
LIPSTICK  ||  Ciate x Oliva Palermo – Satin Kiss Lipstick – Praline
FINISHING SPRAY  ||  Pearlessence – Hydrating Face Mist – Coconut Rose

You’ll see I’ve not listed a lot products and there’s no sign of a highlighter or finishing/baking powder – that is intentional. I’m trying to minimise the glitter bakey-cakey look and keep things simple and quick, at the end of the day this is an every day look. Occasionally, I’ll wear eyeliner only if I have the time to do so. Otherwise this is it, this is me.

The picture below is in sunset lighting after I’ve finished a 9-hour shift at work, thought I’d show how the make up looks and be real about it. As you can see the under eye has started to crease in a fair amount and oxidise ever so lightly, in my opinion, I just think a lot of the darkness and greys comes out. Also, I’ve only had to touch up lips throughout the day. I’ve not re-sprayed my face so the foundation and primer have been amazing in retaining that hydrated dewy glow.

Overall, I’m pleased with my everyday makeup look, it’s a quick, realistic and youthful – just how I like it! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I enjoying talking about makeup and I’m currently working my way through my own stash before purchasing and reviewing more 🙂

Until my next post xoxo

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LIFE // Full time work and parenthood.

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I applaud all you mommies and daddies who are working full time and part time along side parenthood. We all know being a parent is a full time job in itself: the long nights, feeds and upkeep of a family and household in itself is exhausting and tiring, but quite frankly not rewarding financially.

Image result for exhausted mom gifMy situation is as follows, I get zero help from family and the only government handout we’re entitled to and claim is Child Benefit (approx £80 a month, but isn’t everyone entitled to this?). As such I’m forced back into the working system to ensure there’s a roof over our heads and bellies are being fed. Don’t get me wrong Isa’s daddy DOES work… but one paycheque is just not enough to get by. We need to hustle together collectively, in order to continue to rent our flat and save that extra bit on the side for “the future” – a phrase I hear often and yet still sounds so distant.

As Isa’s growing older and becoming increasingly alert of his surrounding, I’m starting to feel more and more guilty about not being at home during the week. Seeing him grow, laugh, play and change, just hanging out with him are a few of the things I miss out on. I enjoy the pictures and videos his dad sends me but you can’t help get that pang of guilt – is this what mom guilt feels like? By the time I come home around 7pm it’s dinner, bath and bedtime. It’s a limited amount of time to chill with him, so I’m missing his quirky behaviour.

I work five days a week during the day doing 9 hour shifts. His dad on the other hand also full time, works nights so we can both maximise our paycheques without getting daycare which would have dented our wallets by £1k per month if we opted for this. Finding safe and suitable childcare is so expensive and one as young parents we cannot afford to do. As such our time and energy is exhausted, more so on Isa’s dads part as he works night and rushes home to take over throughout the day when I’m working… he barely gets a lot of sleep and I also feel guilty for this. But it’s our situation and we have chosen to take our life through this direction.Image result for full time gifI am a full time working mom. It’s hard out here for start up parents, I do wish the system was a bit fairer or that society was a bit more forgiving. I understand that having a child is a personal choice and I wouldn’t change it for the world, unexpected or otherwise. My advice to you new parents-to-be, would be save and prepare as much as you can for your babies, it’ll relieve a lot of the initial stress and you may just enjoy what parenthood has to offer.

After 9 months of maternity and almost 9 months back at work full time, I’m still figuring it out, managing and learning how to balance this new life without feeling overwhelmed and over the edge. Right now, I’m trying various methods to to cope but overall my trusty checklist and tick boxes seem to be doing the job for now and easing that dreadful feeling called ‘worry‘.

Image result for checklist gif

If any of you working mama’s out there have any tips and tricks on how to cope, juggle and balance it all, please let me know! What’s your tips for being a friend to your future self and how do you get rid of that working mommy guilt? Hope to hear from you all soon.

Until my next post xoxo

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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Hi guys, you won’t believe it – Saf’s only done it again! She’s let me review an amazing makeup collab and only gone and sent me six lipsticks from the L’oreal Paris X Isabel Marant limited edition collection. When she shared her mail unboxing on Instagram and shared this collection, I mentioned how these reds and neutrals look so wearable, especially against my golden skintone and dark lips, it was a collection I was personally excited to try becuase in my opinion the Balmain collection was a disappointment as they wearn’t as wearable as I thought they’d be when I went to view it in person. But this collection on the other hand is so stunning and wearable.

I’ve always been a fan of red lips, I think this comes from my mom as she’s always been a red lip wearer and one iconic look I know her for. So I’m pleased to have found nude and red lipsticks which suit my complexion as well as my two toned lips. My upper lip is dark whilst my lower lip is quite pink.

The quote that was picked out for the packaging, quite frankly does make me smile, and definitely sets you off with self-confidence and a strong attitude. I love how a lipstick makes me feel complete and finishes off a look.

The packaging reminds me of Nars as it has that luxe rubber casing, but visually much more pleasing to look at as it’s coated with a gold bullet interior.

I received six out of seven lipsticks from the collection (below left to right) we have:
BASTILLE WHISTLE  ||  a soft nude, quite sheer in application
LA SEINE SHADOW  || a nude with mauve-pink undertones
PIGALLE WESTERN  || a bright pink-toned red
PALAIS ROYAL FIELD  ||  a bright cherry red
LA BUTTE MARSHALL  || a classic maroon
BELLEVILLE RODEO  || a deep burgandy red with a hint of bourbon

I’m missing SAINT GERMAIN ROAD but it’s all good, it’s just another red suitable for all.
Now I love red lips, it’s such a quick, bold, clean look for that extra pop 💋 I usually gravitate more towards the maroon and burgandies… the darker reds. But from the whole collection I absolutely adored PIGALLE WESTERN because it’s the brightest red I wore and one which I was scared to try and genuinely thought I would dislike, but turned out to be the opposite! I’m really pleased to have come across this colour and be given the opportunity to swatch and try it out for you.

Below I have taken images of the lipsticks as well as swatches first without flash and then with. P.S. I’m aware my lipstick swatches aren’t the best and for this I’m sorry! I triedddd!

The lipsticks are very soft and creamy when applied, they’re not 100% opaque, but the colour is very buildable and layerable. They’re infused with Camelia Oil, which helps explain the softness. The lipsticks bleed a lot, so lipliners are a definite must!  They’re really long lasting except when you eat, they most definitely come off and transfer, but that’s expected with such a creamy formula.

For the purpose of try-on-swatches (below) I did not use any lipliners as I wanted to show the lipstick colours in their truest forms. I’ve shown them in the same order as listed in the swatches above!

And that my lovelies is the end of the post! I hope you enjoyed seeing the try-on-swatches, let me know if they’re useful!

I genuinely belive, the colours in the range are absolute classics, all of which ooze Parisian chic, defying style and time! So you definitely won’t be disppointed with whats offered.

They’re currently retailing at £9.99, however, I’ve found them on sale [here] for £6.95 each.

OH, and if you don’t follow [Safiyah Tasneem] already, what are you doing? She’s definitely my ultimate swatch queen – and someone who totally needs to give me swatching lessons – LOL! I’ve previously, done a guest post on her blog [here] where I reviewed PUR cosmetics, go have a read and support her if you don’t already.

Until my next post xoxo

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P.s. product shot inspiration from the lovely @ailah__ on instagram, her photography is amazing! Go show her support!

VIDEO // Eid-Ul-Adha 2018

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You


If you’re not subscribed to my Youtube channel already then it means you’ve not seen my new vlog! This one is a quick follow me around on Eid-Ul-Adha, click the video below to see what I got up to and I’ll also link below that the Eid-ul-Fitr video for you to catch up on.

I hope you enjoy watching these video and if you would like to see anything from me, feel free to leave recommendations! Also, I’d love to know what you all get up to for Eid and what your family traditions are, do leave me a comment below.

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VIDEO // Eid-Ul- Fitr 2018

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Hey Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve last seen you all, but I have been around and if you haven’t seen it already, I have uploaded an Eid vlog up on my channel sharing all the bits I  got upto over the various days surrounding Eid. Here’s the video for you to have a gander over in the meantime whilst I continue to create more content for you over on my channel and this page right here!

If there’s anything you’d like to see from me or share, please let me know! I’m finally into a routine where I’m able to get things done, haha!

Until my next post xoxo

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First Impressions || Huda Beauty – Golden Sands 3D Highlighter Palette

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Today I have a short review of the Huda Beauty // Golden Sands 3D Highlighter Palette – £40. My lovely friend gifted me the following highlighter for my birthday (back in November), so I’ve had a good couple of months at using this. I own quite a few highlighters so I wasn’t expecting to add any more on to my collection but now that I have it in my hands, I am impressed with the quality, pigmentation and durability!

Firstly the packaging – specifically the holographic art on her face is very pretty and innovative – I can really appreciate the graphics, artwork and promotion that went into the launch of this product although I’m not a fan of the cardboard packaging because a) it feels and looks cheap b) it gets dirty so again ends up looking tacky. For such an expensive product I do wish it was better presented, although on the flip side you are offered a lot of product (approx 4 x 10g).

Despite the packaging itself, the actual product is incredibly lovely! I was thoroughly impressed and happy with the colour payoff and turnout. The product looks a bit daunting and gaudy to work with but once applied (softly!) it’s very nice on the skin. It doesn’t just sit there, the product sinks in and melts into the skin nicely – so gives a melted glow as opposed to that awful powdered look.

By far my favourite go-to highlighter is ‘Seychelles’  it’s the softest beautiful white gold you can use – and bounces off the light so beautifully and captures well in pictures. I love using ‘Zanzibar’ as a top-up blusher to add that extra shine and glow. ‘Tahiti’ adds a pleasant warmth to the face and I frequently use it as a bronzer which I know will be perfect for that summer glow. For me the hardest colour to use is ‘Fiji’ purely because of the formulation  – it is EXTREMELY soft and buttery to the touch – which I guess can be a good/bad thing depending on your preferences. It works incredibly well in the inner corner of the eyes and the bridge of the nose. Top to Bottom // Fiji, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Tahiti

I’ve worn the highlighter in these images [here], [here] and [here] – feel free to follow me on Instagram whilst you’re there ;-). I love layering the highlighters especially ‘Seychelles’ and ‘Zanzibar’ – as seen in the last two images linked. The pigmentation is extremely strong so I do like to use these highlighters with a soft hand – so just know they are buildable. This product is definitely part of my glam makeup kit – not one I could brush off for an everyday look as I do like to keep that fresh and minimal. In terms of durability just know that it lasts and you will be shimmering from dusk to dawn!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if there’s anything else you’d like to see from me, please do let me know!
Until my next post xoxo

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First Impressions || TK Maxx & Boots

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

— OH MY GOODNESS – This post has been sitting in my drafts inbox since May 2016!!! LOLOLOL, I’m going to be sharing it anyways because a) I worked on putting it together and b) I like the pictures, E N J O Y –

This post is a review of all the fun stuff I purchased in this video, check it out and show some love if you haven’t already.

First stop, TK Maxx. Right initially I wanted to pop into TK Maxx as I was in need of some falsies for a wedding. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any. A normal person with any self-restraint would pop out and move into the next store to grab a pair right? Nope, not me. I was insistent that I had to buy a few things, which I can clearly do without but I needed as it was the bargain of the month!!
And this is what I left the store with, not a single pair of lashes in sight!

JEAN PIERRE || Energising, 5 orange facial masks – cleared to £3.00
I’ve only tried this a couple of times and haven’t noticed a considerable difference. my skin looks a little brighter if anything, and like all sheet masks it feels super refreshing, so it felt lovely on. Not something I’m excited to use again if I’m honest, I just don’t think sheet masks are my thing.

NARS  ||  Nail Polish – Ecume – £4.99 (was £15.00) – 15ml
I was really excited to see this colour and couldn’t wait to add it into my small nail collection. It’s the perfect off-white colour to suit my skin tone and not look harsh. Two coats and the job is done.

NARS  || 3.1 Phillip Lim X Nars Nail Polish – Gold Viper – £4.99 (was £15.00) – 15ml
Now I was excited to see this colour in the range and picked it up asap! I love champagne from Models Owns and this colour has the same look and effect but in gold!! Perfect for my occasion wear moments

CHRISTIAN DIOR  ||  Rouge Diorific Haute Couture Long Wearing Lipstick – 032 Bewitching Red – £16.99 (was £26.99) – 3.5g
I love a good red lipstick, makes any glam look pop so I was ecstatic to this lipstick untouched in TK Maxx.

Paying a whooping total of only, £29.97 for the whole loot!! – That’s pretty much just me purchasing a Dior lipstick for the day and calling it quits, justification done!
I’ve noticed TK Maxx seem to be sharing old season YSL, Stila, Christian Dior, Nars and MAC makeup in there every so often, so don’t be afraid to pop in and have a look because you never know what you’ll come across.

Now having justified my mini splurge, I quickly popped into boots to grab a pair of lashes and ended up walking out with more than expected.

EYLURE  || Exaggerate Lashes – 143 – £6.99
SLEEK MAKEUP  ||  Matte Me Lip Gloss – Birthday Suit – £4.99
SLEEK MAKEUP  ||  Matte Me Lip Gloss – Velvet Teddy – £4.99
RIMMEL LONDON  ||  Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner – Red Diva – £3.99
RIMMEL LONDON  ||  Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner – Eastend Snob – £3.99
RIMMEL LONDON  ||  Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner – Addiction – £3.99
RIMMEL LONDON  ||  Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner – Obsession – £3.99

As always when in Boots, I always purchase them during an offer, so no I didn’t pay full RRP for these items.

The Rimmel lipliners are my go to drugstore liners – if you’ve followed me for a long time you’ll know that Red Diva is my thaannngg – the most perfect red you can own. Line your lips or wear it all over – it works great. An FYI – these liners are quite on the dry side, but I personally don’t mind too much as I know it’ll sit in place – just add a bit of vaseline to add hydration and shine.

Now I’m not the biggest fans of matte liquid lipsticks but I couldn’t resist these two colours by Sleek, love the plummy one especially for the colder months.

All in all, I’d say it’s a nice sporadic little haul that came about from today’s outing.

Until my next post xoxo

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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

CAN YOU TELL MY EXCITEMENT FOR THIS POST FROM THE OVERUSE OF CAPITAL LETTERS?That’s because I feel like I’ve found the cheapest (if not closest) alternative (can I say dupe? is this a dupe?) of this price range for this rather expensive lip lacquer – right from the texture down to the colour – and I’m super happy with the quality and application of the gloss I found.

Without further ado please let me introduce you too…
CHARLOTTE TILBURY ||  Lip Lustre – Seduction – £16.50 – 3.5ml – a pink nude with peachy undertones
and the star of the show…
PRIMARK  ||  PS… My Perfect Nude Nourishing Lipgloss – Pink Teddy – £2.00 – 4.5ml – a pink nude with warmer deeper hues.
Now I know what you’re thinking they’re not the EXACT same colour… but honey woah there slow down… I know. It’s the cheapest and closest alternative I’ve come across! I did come across a Primark peach oil infused lip gloss that I thought could potentially be an exact match – but the ones I came across were tampered with and opened so I couldn’t bring it home to test out. Nonetheless, know that your bae Primark is hooking you girls up!!!!!!! Gone are the days for OTT and expensive lip lacquers.

Both lacquers are super nourishing, seduction (Charlotte Tilbury) is described as “enriched with Lotus Flower extract, an antioxidant that protects, hydrates and soothes lips for a gorgeous, perfect, lacquered finish” – which does ring true to the product as it does feel hydrated and has a super nice sheen. Whilst pink teddy (Primark) contains shea butter and vitamin E providing a luxuriously soft finish. For a gloss they’re both decently opaque; neither of the lipglosses has a sticky tack to it (yay!), they both don’t come off in one glide, and reapplication is definitely needed after some time. Out of the two, the Primark lipgloss had a strong smell of sherbet, which I’m not too particularly fond off, however, neither of the two tasted funny. They both have doe-foot applicators whereby seduction is angled off for easy and precise application, whereas pink teddy is quite flat and flexible so it manoeuvres over the lip contours – covering a large surface area quicker.
L // Charlotte Tilbury: Seduction && R// Primark: Pink Teddy


They’re both very pretty nude lip lacquers/ glosses – with an intense shine and I love them both and can see myself using both up very quickly. To be honest, since I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury one I’ve been using it as my go-to gloss and it’s well near half used. However, going forward I don’t necessarily see myself buying any more from her unless it’s a lovely colour that I must own as I’m super pleased and quite content with the Primark gloss – the colour is much more suited to my warmer skin tone and really friendly to my pursestrings. I’m extremely surprised at the quality (very glossy and lustrous) and the quantity of it, you definitely get your bang for the buck and I definitely see myself getting more and testing out more Primark makeup as so far I have not been disappointed with what I have found. Literally looking forward to my next Primark visit now, hehe.

I hope you enjoyed this post – if you wish to see more from me or more like these posts please do show your love and support! Until my next post xoxo

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FOTD || Mehndi Glam

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I thought I’d share a fairly quick GRWM video for a mehndi look I done recently. When I’m in a rush red lips always tends to be my go-to colour! and a messy bun – although this is looking more like a nest!!

All products are listed in order as they’re shown.

FACE MIST  ||  Caudalie – Beauty Elixir
MOISTURISER  ||  Glossier – Priming Moisturiser (get 10% off your first order [here])
EYESHADOW  ||  Tarte – Tartelette in Bloom palette
GLITTER PIGMENTS  ||  From Bangladesh – but there are sooo similar products on the market, take your pick!
LIP BALM  ||  Christian Dior Makeup -Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm
FOUNDATION  ||  Loreal – True Match Foundation – 4.D/ 4.W Golden Natural
PRIMER  ||  Charlotte Tilbury – Wonderglow
CONCEALER  ||  Maybelline – Instant Antiage, The Eraser Eye – Nude
EYEBROWS  ||  Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Pomade – Medium Brown
CONTOUR  ||  Pur – Sculpt Palette – Silhouette
BLUSHER  ||  Illamasqua – Powder Blush – Ambition
SETTING POWDER  ||  Makeup Revolution – Luxury Powder – Banana
HIGHLIGHTER  ||  Huda Beauty – Desert Sands Highlighting Palette – Seychelles
MASCARA  ||  Loreal – Paradise Extatic Mascara – Black
LIP LINER  ||  Rimmel – Exaggerate Lip Liner – Red Diva
LIPSTICK  ||  Christian Dior Makeup – Diorific Rouge Ensourcellant – 032 Bewitching Red
FINISHING SPRAY  ||  Pearlessence – Hydrating Face Mist – Coconut Rose
I hope you enjoyed this post and the video! Please do subscribe it’ll mean the world to me – as a lot of effort goes into editing (ehem sleepless nights to be precise)!
Until my next post xoxo

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