My Top 5 Bengali Bloggers <3

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I wanted to share this post because despite how my Bangladesh travel blogs (one and two) were portrayed, I do love my background as we have an incredibly rich, cultural heritage and a blooming interesting history  – one that I’m more than proud to represent.

With that said I’ve noticed on Instagram quite a few people are questioning the “look” of a Bengali as if we are all moulded out of the same cookie cutters. Darling let me stop you there and show you my top 5 bengali bloggers, we all look different and have something completely different to bring to the table.

I wanted to create this ‘tag’ to show people the diverse looks, frames, mind and soul of Bengali females (& males). Also to empower others and create a network of positivity and love within our own culture.

I find the people that attack one certain community is the community members themselves. So lets stop that, grab a nice masala chai, chill out, connect and empower each other. We are not privileged enough to be hating, judging or trolling one another. So lets accept each other as we are and lets discover one another and promote each other.

There is no one way to show your love for your Bengali bloggers or influencers, so please tag/ link your posts in the comments below so I too can discover more Bengali queens and kings! ❤ Alternatively share your own love for your nationality by sharing your beauty queens or kings whether your Pakistani, Indian, Somalian or what have you…

&  now in no particular order, lets celebrate my top 5 #BengaliBloggers:

the wanderlust and foodie

@goldentiffin //
the girl with the golden tiffin (aka: Thahmina) is a blog i’ve followed and admired for quite sometime. I fell in love with her bengali twists on food and her photography is just perfect – vibrant and attractive, just like the food she shares! It’s incredible to see her extend her blog and branch out into making lifestyle travel videos too – her style is extremely dreamy, I’m in awe. She has a definitive creative and artistic flair to everything she touches, which opens up my eyes to new creative levels.

If you love Thahmina’s work, you’ll also appreciate her husband’s @Jahied photography skills (the 3×3 pictures on the right). I love how he captures the raw moments, those little glimpses in life which tell a story.

the artist

@LucyArts1 // @LettersbyLucy
I remember being contacted by Lucy when I first made Youtube videos asking if she could send me a piece of work  – however I politely declined because I remember saying how I wanted to be able to purchase her work because they’re so beautiful, her work deserved to be paid for. I also wanted a piece to fit my home decor – I currently rent and I’m not allowed to hang anything on the walls, so In Sha Allah one day soon I’ll be able to purchase one of her works.

FYI she’s ventured into calligraphy also @LettersbyLucy and her work here is stunning (the 3×3 pictures on the right)! The work is just so mesmerising! Defo worth contacting for wedding or party invitations! Oh and she hosts workshops too, check out her page for details.

the mommy vlogger

@nillydahlia //  NillyDahlia Youtube
Now I’ve been following this girl from her mango whirl days! and I’m loving the direction of her comeback and the real life struggles she shares and talks about. I think it’s fair to say that the general Bengali culture is quite timid and shy away from talking about certain topics and I found that Nilly is great at breaking those barriers down and talking about sensitive if not controversial topics, which is great to see.

Now a lot of you may not know that I too am a mom now and her posts, blogs and insights have been extremely helpful and have provided me with the boost and confidence I needed, it’s like watching a big sister give advice. Because of social media I feel like I’ve known for her forever and its been amazing to see her take up loads of new opprutinities in all directions of her life. I like to call myself a silent follower whereby I will always interact by liking posts, however I’m too shy to always comment/ show appreciation. So I guess this is what this post is for – to show my appreciation and love for an untold big sister connection.

the writer

@12rxy //
the definition of a go-getter and the ultimate #GirlBoss who doesn’t settle for less and writes like a beautiful story-teller. Now i’ve had the pleasure of meeting Roxy for brief period in my life and she’s definitely someone I admire and look up-to, both in personal and business environments.

She’s definitely one to watch and has AH-MAZING things planned in store with @thekhanums so get following and show her new venture some love, release is in a week!!

the beauty guru

@tanji.s //
I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due coz this girl is beyond amazing. I love her makeup style, work ethics and her thirst for knowledge is infectious it keeps me going! It’s easy to fall flat in life and become a zombie, but tanjia’s work drive has me craving life more and more – these for me are the type of bloggers you want to follow. Even with her large follow count she speaks up regarding sensitive matters and isn’t one to stay quiet and for that I love her. She’s a total doll and how she balanced uni, work and her blog just floors me! Keep going girl you’ve got this on lockdown! x

the OG beauty blogger

@safiyahtasneem //
I remember her from her frootibeauty days! definitely and OG in the blogging industry and one whom I admire and respect in the field because she hasn’t given up – always quick on those discount codes and offers! I love her foundation files concept as they’re a good go-to reference for people with south-asian skin types, it’s a good starting point. FYI her Fenty beauty review and swatches is none like no other and I highly recommend the read [h e r e]. I also love her Insta reviews and unboxing, great way to see new releases and products.

** UPDATE UPDATE Safiyah isn’t Bengali!! She’s just got in touch to let me know, how embarrassing, I guess we can all just laugh it off?!  Not sure how I believed she was #FAIL. Nonetheless, I’m gonna leave this segment in here as her blog is worth a mention and I mean Jahied’s work above makes up my five still, right? xx

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m interested to have a read at your share also, so please comment/ tag me in them! Also on a side note is anyone going to the British Bangladesh Fashion Week next weekend (07.10.2017)? If you are attending let me know!

Feel free to follow me on the following social sites and until my next post, peace xoxo

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EMPTIES || June 2016

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I hope you all had a lovely day and a blessed day.

Are people still sharing these posts? I really wanted to share with you what I’ve been using, so here’s what I have to say about the following empties.
L’oreal Paris  ||  
Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation – Gold Linen – 30ml
This is the 5th bottle of foundation I’ve had and have continuously repurchased. It’s the only hughstreet foundation I love. I won’t go into too much detail as I’ve got a whole post dedicated to it, [H E R E]. A much more ‘recent’ use of the foundation can be found [H E R E].

Dior  ||  Lip Maximiser Collagen Activ – 001 – 6ml
Okay lovelies, I absolutely enjoyed using this gloss/ maximiser! I felt like it added the perfect amount of gloss to my lips and enhanced the appearance of my lips. It didn’t boost it tremendously just gave a very soft plumping, tingling effect – something I love the feel of on my lips. Seriously, I thoroughly loved using it and it definitely was a go to in my basic staple kit. Will seriously be thinking about repurchasing this item once I’ve used up some of my other products as well.

Gucci  ||  Flora by Gucci – Gracious Tuberose – 50ml 
I gifted this to myself many moons ago with another Gucci flora perfume and I’m very sad to see this one leave my perfume selection! This is a great light floral perfume. It’s very soft, fresh and feminine. A great all rounder, can be worn anywhere. I highly recommend this to all ages, go sniff out a tester!

Clean & Clear  ||  Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel – 14ml
Now Alhamdulilah, I don’t get spots too often however a very long time ago I seemed to be getting these minute spots and didn’t know what to do. I purchased this and would apply it overnight generously ensuring to cover the entire spot area that required treatment. My skin is normal to dry skin and I’ve found that this has worked extremely well and assisted me in my time of need. It did tighten and dry up the area though afterwards so a hydrating moisturiser was required.

Institut Karine Paris  ||  Creme Mains Karite – 30ml
My hands suffer from dry skin due to all the constant washing I do. This creamy moisturiser was lovely and I enjoyed using it a lot. If anyone likes using those blue astra moisturising cream then you’ll love this because it reminds me of that, just less oily!

Rimmel London  ||  Exaggerate Retractable Lip Liner – Addiction – 0.25g
Now I love this retractable lip liners, so easy to use, no fuss and no sharpening required and I go through these like crazy. These Rimmel ones are my favourite, they’re cheap and easily available. Addiction is a great base colour for me and helps prevent any lipstick/ lip glosses from bleeding.

Rimmel London  ||  Exaggerate Retractable Lip Liner – Red Diva – 0.25g (x2)
Now I adore red diva, it’s definitely been a long time favourite and one that I recommend to any yellow toned girls! It’s the perfect red and stays put all day! I love wearing this alone all over my lips, can get a little tacky after awhile but that doesn’t stop me from loving it and repurchasing it like crazy. I’ve already purchased what must be my seventh lipliner of this specific colour!

No7  ||  Precision Lip Pencil – Caramel – 0.31g
This is a great lipliner, very smooth and creamy. Caramel is a great brown nude, and really great for enhancing and drawing on over the top lips.

Mac  ||  Lipstick – Brave (Satin)
I adore this colour, a beautiful mauve pink that looks great on girls that have a similar skin tone to me as it isn’t a ludicrous pink that’s too pale. A great everyday colour. Sadly I won’t be repurchasing this lip colour as I already have a backup ready to use and plus I have about 5 other colours which are similar, LOL. Until I’ve worked my way through those I won’t be looking to get another one.

Mac  ||  Lipstick – Viva Glam II (Satin)
Now this is a colour I can’t wait to get my hands onto again. I freaking loved it. It’s a pink/brown lippie, which was a perfect for my skin tone. I loved wearing this as a base colour and applying my lipglosses on top, it really helps oomph up the colour! I would look to repurchase this 1) For the colour 2) It’s a viva glam hippie – my purchase is going towards helping people with HIV/AIDS (makes me feel less guilty)!

Glamglow  ||  Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment Mask – 50g
I love Glamglow, absolutely love it. I can honestly say after months of not using this or any other glamglow products my skin has deteriorated so much, it doesn’t feel as hydrating or plump as I remember my skin to be and constantly looks tired. This is a great hydrating mask which smells like honey and leaves the skin feel supple and refreshed, thanks to its tingly and plumping sensation. As I wash it off I ensure to buff it into my skin and exfoliate it. I haven’t repurchased any glamglow products as I’m currently in the middle of trying other ones out, but I can now honestly say I’m more than happy to part with my £50.00 and repurchase this tub of goodness.
My review on the GlamGlow – Youthmud can be found [H E R E].

Yves Saint Laurent  ||  Mascara Volume Baby Doll – 2ml
I can’t quite remember how I got this sample size mascara but I enjoyed using it. Its small and handy, which makes it the perfect travel companion. The mascara is very lengthening and pitch black. It coated my lashes very well however it didn’t wow me. It’s not something I’ll look to repurchase. I feel as though Lancome do better mascara’s with amazing brush heads that hold and freeze your lashes in place.

Eylure  ||  Lashfix Strip Lash Adhesive – 6ml
I feel as though I’m over my false lash phase in life and I noticed this had been sitting amongst my beauty stash just getting old. This is a great lash glue which drys up clear, works perfectly just like the small sample lash glues you get when purchasing an Eylure false lash.

No7  ||  Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover – 100ml
This is a great dupe to Lancome’s Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, need I say more? Does the job real good 🙂

Simple  ||  Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser – 125ml
This is a good light moisturiser, doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin and feels very light. I’m already on my next bottle of this. As it’s so light it works well in the morning before I apply my makeup, I find my foundation sits well. It’s not a “wow must have, I need to try” moisturiser, it’s just a very good everyday one.

and that’s all I have for today folks, until the next post, xoxo

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Film Review || The Revenant

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I remember starting my blog to share film reviews and I guess it blossomed from there to other things, thought I’d revisit that and share my thoughts on films again!

First film of the year: THE REVENANT

Genre | Drama
Rating | TBC (should be at least a 15 IMO)
Okay how did I manage to watch this before everyone you ask?
Odeon: Screen Unscreen. It’s a special screening by odeon whereby you get to watch an unknown film before its release date for only £5 per ticket. So it’s a bit of a gamble, but definitely worth it. Prices are so high these days as it is and so far the movies that have been shown have been brilliant. They’re definitely not rubbish films. The special screenings occur at least once a month, check your local cinema for more details.maxresdefault


Oscar winning director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu brings us ‘The Revenant’, an epic true story of one man’s search for vengeance after being left for dead on a frozen waste. 

The Revenant was a brilliant, gripping, and dramatic film intensifying all emotions.

Continue reading “Film Review || The Revenant”

EMPTIES || January 2015

Every month or so I will write up a blog post on all the products that I have used up, finished, emptied or am throwing away within that month. But before I throw it in the trash, I thought I’d write a sentence or two on what I thought of the product, and whether I’d repurchase it or recommend it.IMG_5368
In these posts, I will try my best to link the products back, or link similar products if I can’t find it online; hope this helps! So before I ramble on for too long, I’ll get straight into it as I’ve got twelve products to write about! Continue reading “EMPTIES || January 2015”

First Impressions || KhanomKards

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive some beautifully hand crafted cards from KhanomKards – an independent online retailer who sells unique and quirky cards. I received four lovely cards and a beautiful hand written note from them; and I couldn’t be more happier with what I had received. The reason why I love this company the most is that they donate 30% of their sales to charity!
IMG_4493IMG_4494IMG_4498 IMG_4502

I absolutely adore all the cards, as they are all hilariously different, and I have to say “Heppi Barday Oldie” in the most freshiest voices everrr! The other two text cards make great statement cards – which are great to send to a good friend or two. By far, my favourite one is the “Eid Mubarak” card as it captures everything that typical asian Eid may incur. They have many more Eid card designs on their [E T S Y S T O R E] which I adore! and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more, In Sha Allah.

Honestly, I couldn’t be any more happier with the quality of the cards and the design of it also – they definitely don’t feel cheap nor do they look tacky. I love the 3d aspect of the card also. Moreover, I am thoroughly surprised and happy with their service. Definitely purchasing more, and I wish KhanomKards all the success with their business endeavour; and may they raise more money for their chosen charity also! Check out their designs [H E R E] on their Instagram page.