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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Fun fact: I’ve actually been blogging on and off since 2008/9 maybe 2007? Regardless, it’s been more off than on but throughout those years I have been hovering around the scene far more than I can actually remember. Oh and you won’t believe it but my first ever youtube video was uploaded on 12 Jul 2011 19:29 simply titled “Introduction. :D” LOL

I started blogging on Blogspot before deleting it and reinventing myself in 2014 onto this platform here. I really wish I had kept that blog as it would have been interested to reflect back upon on it – maybe for a bit of self development? It’s just nice to look back on certain aspects of my life to see how far I’ve come/ changed.

For me blogging was an escape from my reality an area of the inter web that showed me just how much is out there in the world. I discovered the art of makeup (still learning), learnt about fashion, learnt how to semi-code blog layouts, discovered new places, new foods and even new friends ♥ – and for this I’m extremely thankful for.

Now that I have finished uni I have plenty of free time on my hand to spend time with you and connect with my lovelies (when I’m not being a mommy of course). It’s a nice escape and an added dimension to my current life allowing me to enter a realm that I typically wouldn’t be able to escape. I mean come on, I’m writing the blogpost at 3am! Where am I going to go and connect with others at 3am? Not in my reality or my little town, haha. The inter web has no closing time. Period! – and that’s what’s so great about it!

What to expect from me in 2018 – is all things beautiful, from beauty to fashion to food and to mommyhood – and anything else YOU desire, just get in touch and let me know! I’m also planning to do various challenges and tags! 😛

I don’t have a lot of personal resolutions this year (read more [here]), however my resolutions for my blog this year is super simple and as follows:

  • Blog regularly (In Sha Allah, God willing) – I aim to have either a blog or a video up for you lovelies every Wednesday and Sunday! (&& maybe more if I’m feeling super productive :D)

To measure my blog resolutions I would love to see my lovely blogging family expand in the following:

  • Grow my blog to 1,000 followers by the end of 2018
  • Double my youtube following (currently 1469 followers) let’s grow my family to 3k!

Having said that you now know what you need to do 😉 follow my blog and/ or subscribe to my youtube channel [here] – joking aside, in all honesty please do show your support and love by subscribing it would mean a lot to me, and it’s free to do so!

I’m always up for a good chat so feel free to get in touch! I look forward to really connecting with you all on my various platforms (listed below) over the coming year! Cheers to 2018, let’s have fun!

Until my next post xoxo

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Video || Poundland Haul

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

It’s the 25th of Dec today! Merry Christmas to all my readers and viewers who celebrate, may your day be merry and full of joy and fun festivities.

SO – It’s my first and last Poundland haul of 2017!

I don’t know how I got addicted into watching these types of hauls but I have and I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly. I have a feeling it’s do with late night feeds and having nothing to watch at 4am and the wonderful web of videos on Youtube led me to them 😛

Ever since Poundland introduced itself to our town this summer, I have frequented the store every now and again, mainly to stock up on my Lotus Biscoff biscuits and some cleaning products. My local store is quite small so their home department is poor IMO, but there’s a little bit of everything to keep sticking around and have a quick gander whenever I pop into town.

If this video is your jam then feel free to watch. Alternatively, stay posted of my next video which a GRWM one! 😀 – Oh and if you like what you see, show some love and support and get following on all my platforms listed below.

Until my next post xoxo

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As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

It’s my B I R T H D A Y today, another year has passed, and another year accomplished. I am 24. Thanks to the will of the Lord Almighty.
This will be a very reflective post, enjoy.
img_3836This year I’ve been fortunate enough to visit my friend in her home country, Lithuania, to spend my birthday here has been amazing so far. The hospitality, sweet treats and scenic routes are more than I could’ve imagined (upcoming posts sharing my travels will be shared soon).

I wanted to write a post to share how thankful I am for everything up until this point in my journey and for what I have left to experience. None of this would’ve been possible without my loved ones and most importantly, the Lord Almighty. I’m so thankful to be in a position where I can do what I like and travel wherever I like.

I’m at a stage in my life where I experience no boundaries and I’m learning to take no for an answer. Learning to become an independent individual and do things for me, this hasn’t come easily and one that takes a lot of patience and determination. Sometimes we have to sacrifice and hurt people in the short term to gain a better understanding and experience in the long term – this is what life is to me.

My journey through life has been quite the commotion, but in the short amount of time that I have experienced this world it’s definitely taught me a lot and showed me what’s worth valuing and giving up my time for.  Our life can become so robotic and in turn we can become so complacent. So it’s important to remember what matters and what the value of everything means to us.

My life goal is not just to increase my own personal wealth and happiness but to do the same for those around me. Learn to be humble and appreciate all aspects of life. Learn to share the happiness and wealth. In the current western world, all I see is compulsive, consumerist behaviour, one that needs to be broken down.  This isn’t a “new year new me post”, it’s a reminder to myself to express that I’m still growing, learning and evolving and to allow myself that time and opportunity to do so.

Cheers 24, lets see what this next year brings ❤

FYI, I’m currently in Lithuania and travelling to Iceland next week, so stay tuned. Until my next post, xoxo
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SUNDAY STORIES || New Story – Same old me…

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Hey guys, I wanted to share another “letter” from me. I think I’m going to do these reflective writings every Sunday, so bookmark this blog and get comfy.
Lately I’ve not been feeling myself, or doing anything for myself. Too busy working and living for others.

I’ve always been that friend to say “ALWAYS DO YOU” yet I don’t do me for myself. I don’t do anything for me or look out for me, or push myself as much as I push the next person to achieve better and want better for themselves. I’ve always been that pillar to that friend to always make them dependant on themselves and become that independent lady or lad. To always show my friends that they need to love themselves first before they can love others. They need to be there for themselves before helping others.

I firmly believe that you can’t do anything for others until you’re 100% there for yourself. I don’t agree with depending on others for anything. I’m a firm believer of earning everything for yourself. The satisfaction of accomplishing something for yourself is amazing, and not something that can be bought or earned by anyone just handing you a silver spoon.

I always have said that you need to create your own stability and over the last couple of months I got too “comfortable” and now I’m stuck in a rut! A rut that’s made me feel very uninspired with everything and life, to a point where I almost wanted to give up everything. Feeling stuck can be very disheartening, if not quite depressing.

However, I’m forcing myself to come out of that phase. I’ve written down all the things I enjoyed and reflected back on myself to see what were my happiest moments and what was the peak of my life (to-date) that I was enjoying. I have to admit, that enjoyment came over two years ago, and somehow in that moment since I’ve lost myself.

Living life and adulthood can really bring you down because of all the responsibilities involved. I’ve been so focused on trying to work hard and save up that I’m literally forgetting to live life and enjoy the moments. Especially with my family and friends. I became too preoccupied with work and became a hermit who lived at home and did nothing but stay there.

To be fair though, I am still a student. Working full time and balancing Uni can be tricky at the best of times. I’m learning to appreciate that I can’t expect too much from myself and everything will come in time.

I’m on a new journey now, a different mindset and wave length. One that involves the old me that lived life to the fullest and took adventures, took up new opportunities and just lived life for what Allah had to offer.
I welcome you to my journey and to follow me through these highs and lows. So stay tuned, follow and subscribe.

Let’s welcome back the old me, the fun me, the me that had a high self-esteem and was confident and brave to do anything.
Talk to yourself like you would to someone you loved
Heads up. It’s my birthday month next month: November! and I plan to post every single week. Fingers crossed I can do this and I hope to share some fun things with you also.

Until my next post, xoxo
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Product Regrets | Balmain, Veet, Tweezerman, Urban Decay

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

I need to share with y’all some things you should never be fooled into! Believe me sisters, the following products I mention were a complete and utter disappointment, rubbish or just plain useless.IMG_2967BALMAIN PARIS  ||  Ivoire Eau de Parfum – 30ml – £16.99

Okay first up you’d think with such a youthful brand this would be a fun, sexy or seductive scent; it’s anything but! It’s a very old, grown up smell, the kind that belongs on elderly ladies. If you like that Avon Far Away scent or Christian Dior Poison then this is in your category of perfumes, just the kind my mother would appreciate, hence I’ll be ‘gifting’ it to her.IMG_2970Okay okay, I’m asian, we have thick strong black hair and that means I have a very prominent and visible upper lip! I’m tried a lot of things to tame that lip (aside from laser) and the following two products are epic fails!!

VEET  ||  High Precision Facial Wax
The wax on this thing is just bad, and when applied on the upper lips it just doesn’t work, the consistency is very gel like an doesn’t hold onto the hairs. I honestly have nothing more to share. It just doesn’t work.

TWEEZERMAN  ||  Facial Hair Remover – £20.00
Honestly the biggest waste of money and I want to cry, I’m so disappointed with this product because I had high hopes for it, seeing as it’s tweezerman and all. It’s a gimmicky item, which does try its hardest to work but it just doesn’t. You’re supposed to hold the pink handles and rotate them inwards, I just find my knuckles bash in together and I find that it doesn’t grab everything so tweezing is required or I have to wait for it to grow and use wax strips. It defeats the purpose of what it’s supposed to be and twice the work required. Not impressed, especially because it was a blooming £20.00!!!!

Okay before anyone judges me, I found these two in the deepest darkest corner of a random box which only resurfaced during a move, and from what I remember,  I didn’t like them.

Urban Decay  ||  Eyeshadow Primer Potion – 10ml
Urban Decay  ||  Lip Primer Potion – 2g
The following primers are items I wouldn’t recommend. At the time of when I purchased this, I was just discovering makeup and in all honesty I wasn’t loving it, the primer colour was just off against my skin tone, and to me it felt like such an unnecessary step to complete. However, I won’t lie, for those major glam moments a primer is a must, but I feel like any nude base cream eyeshadow will do the job and apply the shadow on for longer, no need to dig deep into your pockets to fork out for this little item.

The lip primer in particular is just an utter waste of money because a little bit of lip creme or lip liner to stop the bleeding will do the job well, as great of an idea as it is, I don’t think you need this in your makeup kits girls. I remember it being very thick on my lips and leaving a tack. The best thing to do to your lips is exfoliate them! Don’t bother with this primer, doesn’t make sense to fill your lines with this. To get the perfect colour to stay on all you need to do is Exfoliate > Line > Apply, you can easily get away with priming your lips, trust me.

I hope you enjoy! Until the next post x
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Welcome to my brand new blog! Let me tell you a little about myself, I previously used to write a blog [he r e], however I wasn’t very committed to it as I would of like to have been. Why? Well to be frank it’s because I wasn’t happy with the layout and editing skills, it looked like a very poorly written blog – hence, I felt demotivated and didn’t write many posts or keep up with it. As a result, I have switched to a new format/layout hoping my blog looks more attractive and appealing to read!

I’m already feeling more positive with this blog and its content, and I’m feeling extremely motivated to keep blogging (although I have to admit, I most probably will re-post about 5 of the other previous posts, just so this blog has more content, shhh) – For me blogging is a sense of relief and escapism, I can talk as much as I want and it’s okay,  haha.

Okay before I ramble too much and go off a tangent, I guess I’ll just sign off here, and say, catch ya later! (on my other social network sites of course – yes it’s a shameless plug, but go ahead and find me on my other sites, I’m pretty fun to talk to, peace out!) xoxo