Follow Me To || Lithuania – Day One

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Lithuania || D A Y O N E
Saturday 05th November, 2016

A short 2 hour flight bought me from London Luton airport to Vilnius – the travelling aspect was really smooth and lovely, no issues. As soon as I left security, I was greeted by my beautiful friend and her mommy – we went straight away to eat and then went on a night time walk to explore the city.

We went to a lovely restaurant in the city called ‘Da Antonio‘ (very mafia and very Italian if you ask me), the service, the host, the location and the food was soooooo lovely. The etiquette in Lithuania is much more substantial and warming than any restaurant that I’ve been to in London, and trust me I’ve experienced a fair spectrum of restaurants in London, from cheap as chips to posh nosh in Mayfair.

Da Antonio || Vilniaus g. 23, Vilnius 01402, Lithuania

To start of with we had a salmon with mascarpone cheese in a small waffle cone. The combination of the salmon with the creamy cheese and sweet waffle was very interesting and all so lovely – had me wanting more. We then had a shot of whipped cream cheese topped with sun dried tomatoes, olive oil and herbs, which was super light and refreshing – compliments of the chef of course. For my main course, I have a spinach and ricotta tortellini in a creamy sauce topped off with cappuccino foam. The foam was unusual for my tastebuds, but certainly added to the creaminess. To top off the evening we had affogato – a luxurious silky vanilla gelato topped with a shot of expresso. Yum. What a beautiful introduction to my first day in Lithuania.

Have a look through my eyes and come explore the cobbled streets of Lithuania with me.

We ended the evening with a stroll through the city into Old Vilnuis, I’m such a fan of old architecture so it was lovely to walk around and explore the place. Travelling in November is very cold, so be prepared to pack your winter garms!

I hope you enjoyed my journey, stay tuned for day 2 [H E R E]! Fun things happened. Until my next post, xoxoInstagram  ||  Twitter  ||  Tumblr  || Youtube


Follow Me To || Banana Tree

 As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

B A N A N A T R E E  ||  103 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0UG

Popped into London to go look for wedding outfits with Jaffer (she’s such a cutie!), and a long day spent shopping means a heavy meal is on the cards, haha. We ended up in soho at Banana Tree and ordered the following:

Sticky Thai Wings  ||  fried chicken wings tossed in tamarind, garlic, sweet basil and chilli sauce
The Banana Laksa  ||  rice noodles, coconut broth with aubergine, tofu and break sprouts, with the addition of prawns and tons of chilli and lime (which was very much needed for my palate)
&& a Virgin Pina Colada Mocktail to finish off the meal

The food was good. I really enjoyed the broth in the laksa and really could’ve been content with just the soup without all the noodles and other bits and bobs. If you ever go, I really recommend this dish with the addition of chilli and lime – trust me, it’s needed and tastes lovely with it.

I love it when wings are fried first and then marinated in sauce. The coating on these sticky wings were lovely and very flavoursome, the only downfall is that the actual chicken was too dry. I feel as though they’ve pre-fried it a little too much causing them to dry out.

After the heavy meal and starter we didn’t have time or the space to have dessert, which is such a shame because the “banana frotiteroles” did sound lovely. Next time I’d definitely just opt for the laksa soup, keep it light plus dessert!
IMG_3159IMG_5472IMG_3166IMG_3193IMG_3194Quick OOTD

JEANS  ||  Tu (aka Sainsburys)
SHOES  ||  James Jasper

If you haven’t watch the VLOG already, go check it out! My countless sleepless hours are used in editing (well more like learning), check it and show love, I’m constantly improving ❤
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Follow Me To || Amsterdam

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

My travels to Amsterdam started well before the sun came out, with an early morning flight from London Gatwick airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, hence the make up free – no sleep puffy face picture below.

So Amsterdam is infamous for their weed and their red light district, neither of which I wanted to go for. I was totally up to do all the touristy things and check out their culture but this 3night 4day trip was ruined due to the snow and the rain!! It was quite disappointing to say the least. However the company I was with made it all the worth while and was such good fun to check things out.

Aside from all the touristy things, I highly recommend you try out their chunky chips and waffles! (God, I’m such a foodie, lol!)

If you’re planning on visiting Amsterdam and you wish to do all the touristy things, then I highly recommend you purchase the “I Amsterdam City Card” – more information [H E R E]. It sounds like a lot of money initially but trust me you get bang for your buck! Your GVB transport and entry to all the museums are included plus a free canal ride and discount on  many other things. So i’ll defo be purchasing that card the next time I visit. Fingers crossed the weather stays put and isn’t wet or cold!

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Follow Me To || Bangladesh (Part Two)

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

My journey to Bangladesh has been extremely emotional, a person awakening if anything. It’s been hard to express in my videos as I didn’t want to come across as nagging or continuously negative. I wasn’t able to vlog all the good bits and lovely moments, as I expressed that I didn’t want to share too much of my family, ALSO, I had a difficult time charging my camera battery! Priorities were trying to get my phone to charge more. I didn’t travel anywhere ‘touristy’ this year as my main priorities were to see my family. My short visit went quicker than anticipated.

Overall, my visit to Bangladesh has opened up eyes to all that still needs to doing, I’ve never felt so motivated to want to help so many people in my life. I guess, it’s time to get to work so I can do something…
Enjoy watching the video and this picture heavy post!

IMG_4211IMG_1372IMG_1377IMG_1397IMG_4262IMG_1429IMG_1457IMG_1458IMG_1561IMG_1602IMG_1690IMG_1709Tin house Roofs: love the sound of rain and thunder against these roofs //  Coconut Tree // The light at the end of the jungle // Blurred Views: To an unknown destination // The locals at the Masjid // Maternal Grandad’s plaque placed in front of our graveyard plot // Caught Vlogging // The lands of Grand Sultan Hotel // Freshie picture // In Bloom // Grandma in her element: the gardens, looking at what’s growing  // Looking out from within the Shah Jalal // Fuska!!!!! ❤ Loved this stuff (similar to gol guppy/ pani puri)

No one has ever become poor from giving, so don’t hesitate to give what you can xoxo
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Follow Me To || Bangladesh (Part One)

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

My journey to Bangladesh started on 31st January, when I picked up a Biman Bangladesh boarding ticket and took a traitorous plane journey into a smog filled environment. The humidity was beyond weird and sticky, I really didn’t enjoy my time there. After being absence for 12 years I had a lot of hopes for Bangladesh, to an extent I was disappointed.

Everyone’s reasoning to go back to their motherland is different, unique and personal, we all go for our own reasons. On this occasion, I went to go visit family members, meet my half-brother for the first time and partake in a shini ‘offering’ as it was my great granddaddy’s death anniversary. He’s quite a big deal in our village, a very respected member of the community hence his grave is all done up and fancy.

Initially I had such a hard time getting used to the environment and the people, it was so different, definitely a culture shock and a good reminder of reality, going back to the motherland and seeing how everyone lives really makes you appreciate your life. Simple things like tissue, basic hygiene and cleanliness and  access from clean water were missing from everyday life. 12 years on I feel as though no major improvements have been made. It really makes me want to work so much harder so I can give back to the community myself and provide for them.

What I envied the most whilst I was out there was the simplicity of life, the carefree attitude people have. At times I was at a lost, I didn’t understand what people did throughout the day, there’s no TV in some households or even entertainment. People just communicated with each other, stories were told and lots of chai was drunk. It was nice and refreshing to be away from the modern stress of today, work and technology.

Anyways I could talk forever about my journey back home but I shall definitely be leaving it here. Enjoy the video and pictures! (subscribe and follow) xo

IMG_1052IMG_1119IMG_1111IMG_1080IMG_1116IMG_1139IMG_1163IMG_1177IMG_4113IMG_1212IMG_1254IMG_1261Staring out into the real life concrete jungle// the three musketeers: travelled with my cousin and brother// a villager working the paddy fields// my dads oldest sister and my brother, can you see how short my family members are!// the graveyard// paddy ‘rice’ fields// the big cockerel// the cow: so strange being so close to farmyard animals on a daily basis// burning sun: on this evening the sun was bright orange and in flames, very beautiful in person// rickshaw: bless the guy, he had to haul my fat ass down town// one of many brick kilns// drinking chai at Rumel’s engagement// street vendors: fuska is the one! aka pani puri or gol gappay.

Bangladesh is known for eating curry and rice, and no-one could of prepared me for all the rice and curry I ate whilst out there. It sounds silly but I genuinely forgot people are prepared to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner – safe to say I stopped eating rice and curry after the second day, I couldn’t take anymore of it, I love having a variety. None the less, I was happy to have visited everyone after such a long time. I can easily say I’m not in a rush to head back anytime soon.
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Follow Me To || Landmark Hotel – Afternoon Tea

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Afternoon tea is the perfect catch up moment with a close friend. The atmosphere, food, tea and sweet treats make the moment all that extra little bit special.

On this occasion, I decided to catch up close friend, we didn’t feel like going out for a heavy meal or doing anything particular, this was a nice, relaxed moment to catch up without any loud chatter or noise. We finally found out the location of that infamous afternoon tea place with all the palm trees – we headed straight there!!!

If you would like to watch a visual event of the day, feel free to watch the video below, alternatively please continue 🙂

The moment you step into Landmark Hotel, you feel as though you’ve stepped into a spa, I’m not sure what they’re spraying or what exotic flowers they had at their disposal – but it smells like how I imagine paradise to be.

We opted for the “Winter Garden Afternoon Tea” as opposed to the chocolate, this includes:
– A variety of sandwiches
– Scones, clotted cream and a variety of jams (we opted for strawberry and blackberry)
– Raspberry and lime macaroon/ carrot, raisin and cinnamon cake with cream cheese icing/ Dark Chocolate Choux/ Mango and mint mousse
– A pot of tea each – we highly recommend The Winter Garden Blend (honestly… it smells like cake!!!) and the Landmark Hotel Blend – it’s a house special for a reason and it’s nicely curated.

As soon as we were seated we were offered our tea and selection of sandwiches, they were aware of my dietary requirements (Halal, or in this case vegetarian) so offered me sandwiches accordingly, and boyyy did they keep on bringing them. This genuinely was a buffet of afternoon tea and sandwiches. In this instance, I loved the small finger-sized food, made it much easier to eat and control, the scones were by far my favourite treat, soft doughy little scones, they offered plain and currant ones; adored the fresh strawberry jam. It’s a nice change from your good old coffee shop.

IMG_2780IMG_2826IMG_2784IMG_2790IMG_2807IMG_2802IMG_2803IMG_2815Overall, the entire tea experience was quite enjoyable, right down from the lovely hostesses to the interior and ambience. It was a very pleasant and stress free setting where we found ourselves passing by two hours with ease. There’s no hectic rush that you’d usually feel outside, we found ourselves getting immersed into really lovely deep long talks, something that was very much needed.

From all the food that was served, the scones, the raspberry/lime macaroon and the Winter Garden Blend of tea was my favourite. I highly recommend this place and if you do have the chance to go, don’t overfeed yourselves on the sandwiches and tea, save a spot (or two) for the scones and cakes, you won’t be disappointed xoxo

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Follow Me To || Dinner at The Folly & The Wicked

It was my birthday on the 7th November, I’m typically not one to celebrate it much but I did make an excuse to visit certain places because of it 🙂 As a result, I ended up dragging a friend out to The Folly, which is a bar/restaurant, and to watch a theatre product of The WICKED. All in all a very good day well spent. Here’s a quick blurry video of the night, enjoy!

Location: 41 grace church street, London, EC3V 0BT
Nearest Station: Bank

This was my second visit to the Folly and definitely not like my first visit which was quite and quaint. This time around it was a Friday night and increasingly busy, especially by the bar… Continue reading Follow Me To || Dinner at The Folly & The Wicked