ADVICE || Buh-bye 2018.

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Now as I say bye-bye 2018, I say it in the voice of my little one: Buh-byeee 2018.

This year for me has been so weird. Of course I’m blessed of all that I have and own and I’m privileged and grateful for all that I have. However, it’s also a year whereby I feel like I have done absolutely nothing. I felt like my days were on constant repeat. Nothing new, or self-empowering or motivating. I didn’t do a whole lot for me.

I recently updated my iPhone 6 and it’s disgustingly shocking just how much I pick up my phone and use it. The feature that shares how often you use your iPhone is absolutely shocking and one which I intend to change.

A lot of my actions were money motivated and it was definitely needed this past year from moving apartments to managing our little one. We’re at a stable environment and one that provides comfort, reassurance and security.

In 2019, my focus is to be kind to my body.

// to take a bit of care, time and effort to look good – for myself more than anything else. Now not in a vain, self-obsessed way but I’ve really let myself go this past year. It would be good for my self-esteem and confidence to take pride in how I look and I treat myself.

Although I will continue to be a hardworking mother and partner, I genuinely want to put in more me time and not feel guilty for taking that time off for me. Mom guilt is real and it follows me everywhere, haha – I struggle to enjoy things for me.

Throughout 2019, I want to share more words of encouragement, positivity and endearment. Show people, I care and appreciate their efforts. I’d like to be more self-less and give back more – get involved.

Overall, this year I will be starting my journey of self-improvement. I will do more for me. I will stand up for me. I will also give back, sit back and reflect. Take it easy and not jump or rush into things. I will figure out what it is that I want to do for me and go for it guns blazing.

Now I’ve put my words out there into the system, I am calling my happiness into existence. I am speaking my affirmations into reality and I will follow that up with actions. It’ll truly be interesting to see how it all comes to light at the end of the year, when I come back with a follow up post.

Sharing love, positivity and prayers.

Until my next post xoxo

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ADVICE || Coming to the end of 2017

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Once again another year has flown by in the blink of an eye. Again this wasn’t a post I was intending to do but I was talking to my friend about the new year and she reminded me/ suggested I write up a new post for this year. I took a moment to read my posts from the previous two years here: [2015] and [2016] and to be honest it brought back many memories hence writing these end of year posts will definitely become a staple on my blog.

I remember leaving 2016 feeling deflated, overwhelmed and exhausted but hopeful to change things around in the new year and become a bit of an activist in all aspects of my life. However that all went on hold and changed when I learned I was going to be a mother. All of a sudden my outlook on life and priorities had changed. The prospect of having a baby and becoming a responsible adult for another being motivated and pushed me in a different direction to become the best role model I can be for my child. Alhamdulilah so far that is exactly what has happened as I spent my final year at uni pregnant and finished with a first. Giving birth and graduating are my personal favourite highlights of the year.
Leading on from that it brings me to say that I welcome 2018 with open arms and invite in happiness and good health, filled with joyous laughter, memories and accomplishments. My plans for this year is pretty simple and that’s to continue on growing my stability with home, relationships,work, economic finances and faith.

I don’t have any resolutions this year but to continue to perfect, grow and manifest the above. I’m going to continue to work on things that make me happy, spend my time more positively and live for every moment.

2018, I’m excited to meet you and ready to have fun. What are your plans for the year?
Until my next post xoxo

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ADVICE || Leaving 2015 to Say Welcome to 2016

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

As i write this letter to you, just note that this is as much of a guidance and reminder to me, as it is to you. I’m sharing this with you to help you kickstart 2016 and set out some goals so they can be achieved.

In 2016, you have got:

365 days, 365 chances

So make it count and make it meaningful, grab a journal and per page write down one thing you have accomplished within that day, and one thing you have been grateful for or even inspired by. Don’t let your days go idly by. Be productive, find inspiration and be grateful for all that you have and all that you don’t have. Appreciation for even the smallest of gestures will make the whole world a difference to your inner self and even someone else. Make changes not only for yourself, but perhaps for others too.
You don’t have to share your goals and objectives to the world, just work on them and accomplish them. Show them, don’t tell them.
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