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As-Salaamu Alaikum
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It’s Day Three of my Iceland travel series. Recap with vlogs one [H E R E] and two [H E R E]. I highly recommend reading part two to find out what to actually consider when travelling in Iceland, although I did forget to mention that the water in the hotel smells like rotten eggs (although safe to drink, which I didn’t – bottle at all times!) caused by the sulfur via the hot water flowing from geothermal origins. It’s safe to say my mornings never started off well as all I wanted to do was puke when I smelt it first thing in the morning!

So in this last installation of my travel series from Iceland, I take you through another scenic journey full of karaoke, laughter, a pit stop at the Blue Lagoon and our last supper together. You may wonder why is soooo much of the footage filmed in the car (a Nissan X-Trail)? Well most of our time was spent in the car, as it takes ages to get from one destination to the next (something to factor when travelling). However, I wouldn’t trade this travel option for anything else as I know it wouldn’t be nowhere near as fun travelling  with these girls in a coach.

Our final day consisted of checking out more national parks however we didn’t anticipate to get lost at Bruarfoss (we kept loosing mobile and satnav signal, very scary when you’re on foreign land and have no sense of direction) plus when you get there the signage is awful. This meant a lot of time was wasted and we didn’t get to stop off by the Geysir (where water erupts from hot springs) and take pictures although we did get a chance to drive by and see them in action! It all happened too quickly for any of us to pull out our cameras and snap away either.

Despite this we still managed to end the day beautifully and relaxed! Here is a list of things we got up to that final day:

  • Thingvellir National Park (Thingvellir, Iceland) // One of Icelands most historic (and popular) parks as it sits on a valley caused by the separation of two tectonic plates. It was also where their Parliament was situated up until the 18th century.
    What can you do here? – Hike through the valleys, learn the history, and check out the beautiful views and even snorkel and scuba dive. However, we didn’t hike, we ran to the observatory deck to take in the breathtaking views, take pictures and be on our way! 😀 FYI change is needed for parking.
  • Bruarfoss Waterfall (Brekkuskógur, Iceland) // this is supposed to be the one of the most picturesque and photogenic waterfalls around town – that’s if you can find it! I highly recommend you research this place prior to going as the signage and directions is awful, when we went it did look they were still constructing the roads. The trek to locate the head of this place is quite tricky, confusing, messy and dirty – so take some hike appropriate boots! It’s safe to say one or two of us have slipped into the mud trying to look for this place. Eventually we did give up (as we were running out of time) and were content seeing the river stream on by. If you have the time and patience for this very muddy trail then I highly recommend it as I’m sure you’ll get some very instragrammable and rewarding pictures 😀
  • Blue Lagoon (Grindavik, Iceland) // This is a MUST on your Icelandic venture although please do make it one of the last activities you do on your final day and do book in advance before you leave, basically as soon as your flight tickets are booked. If you leave it too late you’ll miss out and this is one activity you want to do as you definitely end the trip on a nice relaxing note.
    Allow yourself plenty of time before you’re supposed to be in as the queues are long and you’re required to take a shower before hand (an hour should suffice). There are open changing rooms and a couple of cubicle ones dotted around and you get a locker to pop your stuff into.
    Although there were a lot of people, we still found the experience really enjoyable and relaxing – the water was really warm and soothing and we didn’t feel like prunes by the end of it :D. The complimentary mask was quite lovely on, nothing too fancy that makes me want to say “i need this again”. We took the towels from the hotel so we didn’t have to bring back wet ones, hehe (albeit I do feel a little guilty) and we took our own flip flops. Having said that we opted for the basic ticket entry option and it was more than enough, the premium wouldn’t have made a difference to the experience to be fair.
    There are dressing room stations on the way out with complimentary tissues, cotton buds/ pads and hairdryers – so you can get dolled up and ready before you leave. Overall, a highly recommendable experience although on the pricier side of activities.  
  • Messinn (Reykjavik, Iceland) // Our last supper was at none other than Messinn! We got here later than intended but the staff were super lovely and accommodated us well. As the food was made super fresh they were also able to remove all the alcoholic ingredients from our meals and provided us with complimentary rye bread (the softest rye I’ve ever had). The interior of this place has an authentic nautical feel to it, quite an intimate setting that’s not cramped.
    I had the fish burger – a salmon fillet on a bun with cucumbers, tomatoes, camembert, sweetcorn, pickled and fried onion and mustard sauce – served with potato wedges and chilli mayo – the flavours all worked well together. I wasn’t expecting the fillet to be a literal fillet of fish (clearly I’ve been eating too many McD’s) so this was a welcomed surprise for sure.
    However you can’t come to Messinn without trying their signature fish pans (can easily be shared between two people or more). I was lucky enough to try a bit of the dishes from the other girls and highly recommend the Plaice (tomatoes, parsley, capers, lemon and butter), Artic Char (honey, almonds, cherry tomatoes, lemon and butter) and the Atlantic Wolffish (mushrooms, bell pepper, grapes and cream cheese). All the fish pans are served on a large skillet with baby potatoes and baby spinach. Do I recommend this place? YES YES YES. An iconic seafood restaurant and 100% worth the visit for artic fresh fish, like it doesn’t taste cleaner than this place.

Hallgrimskirkja Church (Reykjavik, Iceland) // After dinner we decided to walk off our meal through the town and came across an iconic church which was architecturally breathtaking and inspired in design by the basalt rocks, housing a gigantic pipe organ, which I bet would be insane to hear. I wish we visited this place during the day as then we would’ve been able to climb to the top of the tower to get a beautiful view of the city. Please note from images on google, this church is extremely plain on the inside but if you appreciate architecture you’ll enjoy this.
I had a blast in Iceland with the girls and I enjoyed writing and editing this post for you lovely readers, so I really do hope you’ve enjoyed reading these posts and watching the vlogs to see what we got up to. Any questions feel free to ask away as I’ll be more than delighted to answer them for you. (Missing Mas from the pics below, girls how did we not get more group shots? 😦 !!)

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 As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Lithuania || D A Y T H R E E
Monday 07th November, 2016

Day One [H E R E]
Day Two [H E R E]

The final full day ended up being a really nice chill day, lunch at a local restaurant where I had a deep fried czech? block of cheese and fries. Fruit tea is a must with us girls, and they had the cutest mugs around, topped with their own lids – the art is magnifique. We then continued to the spend the day at ‘moms’ flower shop, which was great fun – as I even got the chance to make my own flower arrangement! (see 2nd picture from the bottom). We then ended the day at DunDun donuts – to eat a donut the size of my face and enjoy a warm mocha. After dinner, we also got the chance to enjoy a special Lithuanian treat called Sakotis shaped like a tree (refer to the last image), it’s a traditional sweet treat made from butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and cream and given in special occasion, so yes I felt uber loved when my Lithuanian family gifted this sweet treat to me.
fullsizeoutput_2004 img_6350 img_3965 img_3976 img_3978 img_3989 img_3998 img_6355 fullsizeoutput_2003 img_6383 img_4029 img_4047

This was my final day in Lithuania – safe to say I definitely would love to come back for another weekend visit. It’s the perfect amount of time required to visit this place. I probably would like to come during a much more warmer season though haha!

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Follow Me To || Lithuania – Day Two

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Lithuania || D A Y T W O
Sunday 06th November, 2016

Recap with Day One [H E R E]

After a really cosy sleep, we started the day with a road trip to Anyksciai to go on this picturesque hike up the treetops which led me to a fantastic view of the landscape. It was really empty and quiet, quite perfect to be honest. The air was cold and crisp, I felt the need to preserve it and whisper throughout. It was honestly amazing and indescribable. The snow really added to the magical moment and worth going to especially for the view. If you’re a lover of nature and simple views then you will feel at peace here. I’m going to just stop rambling and let you enjoy the video and admire the pictures.

After the walk we went to Cosmos, to experience a trippy art installation! It was super fun to experience and worth the snapshots. When we went there wasn’t a queue and we were able to enter this glass room which took you into outer space. The lights dimmed, the eerie music on and the galactic atmosphere began. It really was a trippy experience and loved every minute off it.

The night ended with PIZZAAA, a girls night in, jacuzzi, and some lovely herbal tea.

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Follow Me To || Lithuania – Day One

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Lithuania || D A Y O N E
Saturday 05th November, 2016

A short 2 hour flight bought me from London Luton airport to Vilnius – the travelling aspect was really smooth and lovely, no issues. As soon as I left security, I was greeted by my beautiful friend and her mommy – we went straight away to eat and then went on a night time walk to explore the city.

We went to a lovely restaurant in the city called ‘Da Antonio‘ (very mafia and very Italian if you ask me), the service, the host, the location and the food was soooooo lovely. The etiquette in Lithuania is much more substantial and warming than any restaurant that I’ve been to in London, and trust me I’ve experienced a fair spectrum of restaurants in London, from cheap as chips to posh nosh in Mayfair.

Da Antonio || Vilniaus g. 23, Vilnius 01402, Lithuania

To start of with we had a salmon with mascarpone cheese in a small waffle cone. The combination of the salmon with the creamy cheese and sweet waffle was very interesting and all so lovely – had me wanting more. We then had a shot of whipped cream cheese topped with sun dried tomatoes, olive oil and herbs, which was super light and refreshing – compliments of the chef of course. For my main course, I have a spinach and ricotta tortellini in a creamy sauce topped off with cappuccino foam. The foam was unusual for my tastebuds, but certainly added to the creaminess. To top off the evening we had affogato – a luxurious silky vanilla gelato topped with a shot of expresso. Yum. What a beautiful introduction to my first day in Lithuania.

Have a look through my eyes and come explore the cobbled streets of Lithuania with me.

We ended the evening with a stroll through the city into Old Vilnuis, I’m such a fan of old architecture so it was lovely to walk around and explore the place. Travelling in November is very cold, so be prepared to pack your winter garms!

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