LIFE // Pregnancy: 29 Weeks

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

&& there we have it. Another cheeky, simple but awkward pregnancy selfie.

Current status: 29 weeks pregnant and super tired.

Biscuit queen.
Throughout my entire pregnancy all I have wanted and was ever satisfied by was biscuits and not just any kind mind you, it’s those Bengali biscuits – rusks and sugared toasts. They’re so satisfying and yummy especially dunked in masala chai. Every bite is savoured! You get that initial crunch and the rest just melts away *drool*. I go through them so quickly that when I run out, I’m semi-satisfied with a creamy, shortbread.

Cravings aside, this week, the LO has been ACTIVE especially at 1am. Throughout the whole day there’s minimal movement but as it gets close to midnight, my stomach is bulging in all sorts of areas. I wish I was more poetic with my words, but sadly, I’m not. However, that does not mean I don’t cherish every beautiful movement, experience and feeling that pregnancy has to offer.

With that said, pregnancy insomnia is very real right about now. The other night once Isa went down to bed I was up cooking, cleaning, mopping, laundry, and sorting out my makeup. YES! Sorting out my makeup. I sat there at 3 am going, WTH am I doing and what did I just start, but it was a job that needed doing so my crazy ass just went for it. Bare in mind, I had work at 9am so needed to be up by 7am. My body was exhausted and tired but my mind was telling me Nooooo! Lol – for some reason I just had to find silly things to clean. It’s my fourth day running now where I’m just sat up at crazy o’clock despite the fact that I’ve been up since 7am! I’m getting concerned as to how I’m getting through the day haha. Is this a sign of nesting? Surely it’s too early.

Heartburns are still an issue and I haven’t given delivery much thought this week. But I have been thinking about Isa and the amount of attention he will receive once baby arrives  – wondering what his reaction to the new arrival will be. Alhamdulilah, he’s a good kid in general, so I really shouldn’t be concerned over this non-issue, but I can’t help but think about it. I feel a little guilty that it’s not going to be me and him for long and that a plus one will soon be joining us soon. As I said, he’s an amazing child and he loves other kids and babies so I’m confident he will adjust well, he has a very caring and nurturing aurora about him.

Throughout this pregnancy my teeth have been super sensitive, so this week I have booked in a dentist appointment for two weeks time from now, as that’s the earliest I’m available to go. I know pregnancy affects your teeth and nutrients but boy are my teeth super sensitive atm.

Anyways I’ll keep you updated on my journey as I go along, so feel free to check back here every now and again!

Oh and Ramadan Mubarak Everyone! I pray Allah grants all your dua’s and provides you with his mercy, love and forgiveness.

Until my next post xoxo

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LIFE // Pregnancy: 28 weeks

As-Salaamu Alaikum
Peace Be Upon You

Current status: 28 weeks pregnant and quite hungry.

I am sitting in the blood test waiting room, I have two hours to kill because I’ve just taken my GTT test. It’s the glucose test which measures whether or not you have gestational diabetes. I am anxiously waiting, feeling semi-sick trying to hold it all down so I don’t have to come back and re-take the test.

If you’ve read Isa’s birth story, here, you will know that I had gestational diabetes with him and was required to prick myself 4x a day to monitor my glucose levels. It was extremely long, annoying and irritatingly painful to do. I was awful at getting it done on time and I’m bad at feeding myself as it is, so figuring out what foods where good for me was hard. I’m praying the results come back positive this time round, as I’m concerned I already have it – I’m constantly super tired and always needing to pee, which are the usual symptoms along with other things to suggest I have it.

I had a midwife appointment on Monday and I finally met my personal midwife who’s allocated to me, we hadn’t met in prior appointments. We discussed options for birth, so far nothing has been set in stone but I’m definitely hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and only open to a c-section in emergency situations. Otherwise I do wish to wait and ride out the experience, as I hear vaginal birth is typically the safest mode of delivery as well as the fastest way to recover post birth. I am still weighing up my options and looking into this as well as other forms of pain relief which doesn’t hinder the birthing process. I would love to hear your VBAC experience or what options you choose for an after caesarean birth.

It was so lovely hearing the baby’s heartbeat again, to hear them move and kick. I was also told they had the hiccups! Honestly it was so adorable.

I have to give props to the midwives they’re amazing at what they do and are very skilled 👏👏 She barely touched or applied any pressure to my stomach but she could tell straight away what position baby was lying in and where the head and legs were. I’ve been told currently this baby is sitting against my back/ spine. Head is towards the front with legs up.. so breached baby. But I’m not worried as there’s plenty of time for baby to move and turn.

Baby has been super active this week, definitely moving around a lot more and fighting for space – it’s all so ticklish and bearable at the moment. Before the appointment I thought they were measuring small but sitting up high near my ribs, but nope this little one actually measured up big at the appointment, in comparison to Isa anyways. I’m finding the pressure on my bladder has finally gotten intense this week, But I’m practicing on holding it in and exercising and strengthening my pelvic floor muscles in preparation for the birth.

Current downside: the constant heartburns, so Rennie’s have been my friend and saviour lately. Oh and my trousers are refusing to cooperate slowly, haha

Funny moment of the week: Isa just randomly comes, lifts my top and points at the baby screaming “baby, baby, bayyybeeee” – the first time he did this couple of weeks ago it freaked me out coz I was like how do you know?! But kids know these things. He’s such a sweet soul I know he will be amazing around another baby. I’ve seen him around my nephews and honestly Isa is so fun and loving.

But yeah that’s my thoughts of the week, let me know what you’re interested to hear about and I’ll be sure to share it next time.

&& for added fun, key foods of the week has been pomegranate, cucumbers and donuts! Balanced life and that, eh!

Until my next post xoxo

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